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    Next week the Airline big wheels are headed to ANC for a get-together. The rumor is that ANC will be reducing due to Pac-Rim freight reductions. The Pilots flight scheldules are due soon and they are the first to know trip parings which in turn dictates how the airline is run. The mechanics, in turn, have a contract which expired in 2005 have not had a raise and the company is not bargaining in good faith. Why does UPS make employees go for years without an increase in wages or benefits but give the Grade 20's a 200% bonus for the last 2 years. The DFW, CAE, and DEC shutdowns are just the beginning for UPSers.
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    Actually they were in ANC this week.
  3. They were in ANC this week to award MIP to the airline management folks that have relocated to ANC this year to open the Flight Training Facility. There is no big announcement.
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    I bet they were disappointed that Sarah was in Georgia campaigning for Saxby.
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    There was a meeting today at a local hotel for any pilots that wanted to attend. No idea what was to be discussed.
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    Probably something along the line of
    Flying those Big :censored2: jets
  7. Believe it or not Flight Ops management actually communicates with their employees and tries to show their appreciation for a job well done.
  8. There was also a dinner tonight at the same hotel for all Flight Ops management employees in ANC.
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    Theyre in town but, theyre also breaking ground of sorts for the a remodel of the building and a lot of the money from it is coming for it is coming from the airline for more crew areas and more ACP positions.