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    I heard some very angering news tonight on the midnight sort and me and some co-workers are beyond :censored2: at this and I feel it is a violation of union rules what happened. Anyways I've been loading on the Midnight sort for a year, and 2 of my friends for 7 and 5 months respectively. Well this new hire came in and busts his butt, I'll give him that, but he told us tonight that he would be getting a raise from $9.50 to $10.50. He has only been working at UPS for 3 months and I am asking if it is within the rules to give someone a raise not based on seniority and what I can do? Thanks from a very angry upser
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    That sounds about right for my center. Giving away the loading raise within a month or two at my center. Have been for a few years, now.
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    Can they do that? I mean really I just got my one year raise and the funny thing is I actually do more volume than this guy. It doesn't seem right for a person to be making more for the same job and he just got his raise from 8.50 to 9.50
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    One thing you need to learn: It's their game, their rules, their ball, their field, their refs. Now, with that information, what do you think the answer is?

    The wages listed in contract are minimums..
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    HOW long have you 3 :censored2: sorters been in the union ? call them and ask whats up.
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    but there's probably a lot more or less to this story, whether you know it or not OP
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    sounds like this guy who is telling you this may be classed as a preloader and may have been given wrong info himself. in my building we have one big preload from 4am to 830am, then on twiligh and mid night we have a preload sect. these employees do get a dollor more an hour even if they are working the same shift as you. this is do to the fact they are classed as preload. so he may be thinking here that after 90 days he gets another $1 has been given the wrong info. he will only get .50 after 90 and then another .50 after one year, bring him to 10.50. if he is really getting 10.50 now or in the next few weeks then file a greivance and wait to see. we had guy that was getting paid wrong and he went around telling people what he is making and then someone filed on it and it turned out he was wrong and UPS corrected the problem and had some ajustments to his check for a while. UPS will find out if this guy is not making the correct amount and he may get the adjustments to his checks.
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    No he is a regular midnight loader. He sat down with a main supervisor and on the way home he told me that they are giving him a dollar raise for his "hardwork". Funny thing is I actually load more volume than this guy. I've just never heard of someone getting a raise just to get one here at ups
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    We had kids getting raises by threatening to quit. I guess it worked. I saw the checks. What is there to grieve? As I said, the wages in the contract are minimums. They can pay any of us whatever they want, as long as it's above the minimum. After that, just do your job. Butt-suckers end up crashing and burning.

    Let the 'ABOVE THE RADAR' people do the bitchin', and take the heat. They like the attention. I know. I, already , have a target. You don't need one, too.:happy2:
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    You get a $1 raise after your first 90 days unless your local has different rules
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    Nope slater my local has the same rules but i think meno is right, this kid threatened to quit so they gave him a raise
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    Maybe you should threaten to quit.
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    Haha you bet I will. And you can guarantee my other co-workers I'm friends with will threaten the same. I don't think they would want the PD that recieves annually the most volume in the building to lose 3 loaders right at peak season. I'd like to see them try to run a PD that would have 4 new hires during peak season as we just got a brand new guy as well
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    I hate to be the only one to say it, but its none of your business what is on someone elses paycheck. As long as you are receiving your contractually agreed upon wage, you are good.
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    My supe put me in for the $1 raise after just 2 months so i'm at $9.50 after 2 months of loading. I was #2 in my Hub for least mis-sorts for month of October, so that may be why. I'm unsure when I'll get another raise however, if it's another .50 after my first 90 days I'll surely take it. Regardless, it's pretty standard to get the $1 raise after 90 days worked I hear. One thing that's of interest is that I'm seeing after 1 year I should be making $10.50. If I take that sort test for the extra $1 rasie, would that mean i could be making $11.50 after just one year?
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    Per the national contract, all p/t employees hired after August 1, 2008 will conform to the following wage table:
    Unskilled: Start: $8.50, After 90 Days: $9.50, After 1 Year: $10.00, After 2 Years: $10.50
    Skilled jobs add $1.
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    Very few people realize that our pay rates and progression is the MINIMUM suggested pay rate meaning that if your manager really isn't worried about #'s, you could actoually get higher pay then what you are scaled at.

    Note the word minimum suggested pay rate meaning pay rate is able to go above what it is set for. I've never seen anyone get more then the suggested though.

    I take that back, WE have air walkers who are all payed more then their progression scale. I think it's to keep them from quiting cause they get like 15 hrs a week. Not enough hrs for bennies or part time pension.

    I don't even know if our walkers realize this but because they don't meet te required hrs., they could work 40 yrs+ and still not get pension cause of short hrs.
  19. Southwestern

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    Yes, the contract specifies minimum pay levels. However, it's my understanding that the only pay rate manipulation local management has access to is skilled vs. unskilled; any other modifications must be done through HR. And I'm skeptical of anybody who claims they were offered a merit raise: I've heard that story many times, offered a financial reward if they could prove it but nobody's taken my challenge. That's not to say payroll errors aren't frequent -- I'm aware of several, including a March hire who's pocketing $11.50/hour (should be $10.50) -- they're just not on purpose
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    So you could be a driver who is still in progression and ask for the top rate? With the union, everything is supposed to be fair and even I thought.