Big Shots Flock To 777F Roll-out

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Sep 23, 2009.

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    A friend in Seattle tells me that many of the Memphis high and mighty flew to Seattle to attend yesterday's roll-out the first FedEx 777F. While this is certainly a milestone, it bothers me that it took 3 jets of the FedEx executive fleet to fly them there and that so many of our big cheeses absolutely, positively had to attend. Wouldn't Uncle Fred and Dave have been sufficient?

    Remember, this is the same company that says we can't afford bottled water, cups, coffee, or anything else extraneous. If I want a drink of water I have to walk to the bathroom half way down the building to get water out of the faucet and provide my own cup. No water fountains in the whole building.

    We can still afford to maintain our large fleet of business jets, pay almost $600,000 per year for the protection of Fred Smith, and continue to pay lavish salaries and bonuses to these "invaluable" leaders who keep the company afloat.

    This isn't exactly sharing the pain of the recession equally, is it? Other than their token 5% pay cut, life hasn't changed at all for the Memphis elite. Why? Because we've taken a defacto 15% cut in terms of hours, 401k elimination, and the end of the real retirement plan.

    I wonder if there was any food on those planes, or do you suppose they grabbed some McDonald's on the way to the airport? If they stayed in Seattle, it was at the same crappy places they make us stay, right? And there weren't any limos to shuttle their fat butts up to the Boeing facility, were there?

    More hypocrisy and gamesmanship from your "friends" in MEM. Sickening...
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    Par for the course ... American Corporate leaders continue to provide very poor leadership.
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    The latest mantra that we've been hearing is that our raise now depends on us reaching that extra stop per hour goal. Considering how unrealistic this is (unless there is a dramatic increase in code 3's and code 8's), looks like we'll be going two years without a raise.

    So, in summary, in the past two years at Express we have seen our pension plan changed dramatically, our 401k match taken away, our wages frozen, our hours cut, and our productivity requirements increase. How's that caviar tasting, Fred?
  5. MrFedEx

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    It's great!!. Try some with the imported very expensive champagne, won't you? Let's toast to the success of my most excellent plan to fleece my stupid employees over and over again.
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    Exactly. Here's how these bozos could have shown some "leadership".

    1. They could have flown on a commercial airline.

    2. They could have had fewer members of top management and perhaps invited some hourlies and local management. I was told that nobody from the Seattle area attended. This would give the appearance that there was some sort of teamwork involved and that frontline employees actually mattered.

    3. No expensive hotels, meals or limos. How about renting a van or bus?

    4. They could drop their threat to cancel additional orders by eliminating their RLA purchase contingency with Boeing.

    5. They could live by the same money-saving rules they impose on the rest of the company. No coffee, cups, or bottled water for them either.

    Elitist hypocrites.
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    Good comments,you guys/girls nailed it!
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    Who says they didn't jumpseat on our own planes? I mean... they probably didn't, if I were the CEO of FedEx and had a fleet of private jets I'd use 'em.

    I mean... yeah I'm pretty :censored2: about all the cuts, but holy crap... dude invented multi-billion dollar corporation... why can't he enjoy being rich?
  9. Slobberman

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    Because his employees are making very little money.Is it fair for him to be making billions while his workers starve and cant afford plane tickets?
  10. bbsam

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    Ya know what? I make decent money. Nothing like Fred or Dave, but I do ok. But for some reason I don't feel trapped, I don't begrudge them their fancy little toys, and above all, I don't envy them. If someday I come into millions, I fully intend to enjoy every bit of it. Until then, I will enjoy what I do have. Now the question: Is there something wrong with me or the envious ones crying about hypocrisy and bottled water. Grow up already.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Jumpseat? Right.. They flew on 3 of our corporate executive jets, of which we have many, primarily to fly politicians around the world and buy their votes.

    Fred is a hypocrite, as are our other top executives. They plead poverty, yet live like royalty at our expense. The token 5% cuts they took will be made-up in stock options and other perks for a net effect of a zero loss in their income. Most hourlies have easily taken 15% when you add-in the loss of the traditional pension plan.

    Apologists say FedEx has no money, but Fred saved himself millions by creating the PPP, and they have 190 used 757's lined-up to go with the new 777's they are buying. Are we being given these planes?

    In 20+ years with this company, it's the same old story.."We can't raise your pay because we need to buy newer aircraft and improve our technology". Sorry, but I'm not swallowing it any more.
  12. MrFedEx

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    No, you grow up. As I've said before, you don't work for Express so your perspective is very limited. If Smith had his way, we'd all be lapping water out of the toilet like dogs and paying for our own fuel and expected to be grateful for the opportunity to serve him.

    Nothing has changed for these big shots, yet they'd like us to believe that they are suffering just like we are. Was it really necessary to fly 3 planeloads of these potentates out to Seattle? No. Why couldn't their pampered little asses fly first-class, or better yet, coach,like UPS?

    The 20-plus planes in the executive jet fleet still fly all over the globe serving our senator's and congressmen's needs to get to their vacation homes in Aspen or their business buddies plants or interests (or Fred's). This is incredibly expensive...and wasteful...and a huge luxury. I get to fetch my water from a faucet in the bathroom so these dinks can keep their private jets? Get real.
  13. bbsam

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    I guess we know who has the problem now. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. TechGrrl

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    Actually, in 2007, when Boeing rolled out the 747-400 for us, meaning UPS, they flew it to Louisville, where Mike Eskew (CEO) and Dave Abney (Management committee boss guy of some sort.) greeted it along with about several thousand of the local workforce in our big airplane hangar.

    Mike and Dave flew commercial, and got driven around town by hitching rides with the local management.

    And since it was in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the company, 200 local management got to have dinner with Mike and Dave in celebration. So everybody enjoyed it.
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    The company is spending millions of dollars on "brownbailout" the 401k is suspended and the raises have been suspended.It's good that you enjoy what you have.Brownbailout general states that if the companies classification is changed then they are likely to go under.In the mean time you are watching the company further spend large amounts of money on things like this.The main point is the deceit that is occurring both to the public and the employees.I would feel "trapped" if I was a Ground contractor and the supposed "IC" business model that this company followed was under constant scrutiny.
  16. MrFedEx

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    Sounds like a great way to make everyone feel that they are an important part of the organization. Quite unlike the way we do it on the FedEx side.
  17. bbsam

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    If I were a Fedex courier, I would feel afraid that I was becoming more and more irrelevant. I never had 401k with the company. What do I care? I, holding the time off contract at our terminal, probably had the only raise in the building ($750 per month). Constant scrutiny? Yep. Since about 1990. Has only changed for the better. Bottom line? You and MrFedex really know nothing about the contract or it's implementation. Ever read it? It's not a secret document. Might open your eyes to the future of your company...should you choose to stay on that is.
  18. MrFedEx

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    We can only become irrelevant if your dream of taking away our E2 and XS product comes true. If the courts don't see things Fred's way, you will become irrelevant. Wouldn't that be ironic.

    What you will never understand is the way that FedEx has steadily eroded what used to be a pretty decent job...because you weren't ever a part of Express I don't expect you to. What you should understand is that Fred is a shyster, and that FedEx is not an ethical employer. Just like us, you will be thrown under the bus the second that it saves the company a few bucks. Count on it..
  19. bbsam

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    Nothing promised, nothing stolen. Fedex promises me no insurance, no pension, no 401k, not even a future. The difference is I haven't fooled myself into believing they owe it to me. We benefit each other. Economic symbiosis for now.
  20. MrFedEx

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    You seem to be implying that I have an entitlement mentality...I don't. The attitude that I do have is that I be compensated fairly for the services I perform for FedEx. They've promised me nothing in writing...ever.

    Let's look at it from a different perspective. Let's say you negotiate an agreement with FedEx and then halfway through, FedEx decides you're making too much money per pkg and they renege on said agreement. You probably have an opportunity for redress via the court system. This is Ground.

    Now, let's say you have worked for an employer for 20 years. That employer has enjoyed steady revenue and profit growth while greatly expanding it's customer base. Your efforts as an employee along with those of thousands of others had a major part in making this happen. Halway through, they decide to re-work your retirement plan and decrease your wages through outsourcing, elimination of profit sharing etc, and greatly extending top-out times. Since there isn't any contract, you don't have any opportunity to prevent any of it from happening. This is Express.

    If you'd worked long-term for Express, you'd know that Smith and upper management used to promise a "contract" with employees. It "promised" wages and benefits that would keep pace with the industry leader(UPS) in return for us not going union. FedEx has broken this "agreement" over and over, so the defacto "contract" is null and void.

    Our only recourse? The Teamsters.