Big trouble / falsly accused

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ray haynes, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Has any one been in ---- so deep u dont know how to react ? The only thought that keeps me going is the chance to explain my case to a judge or trial jury in a court of law and prove my innocence. And give my local union a call and say NOW WHAT !!! If your ever in a situation that at the time may seem impossible for you, Dont give in and stay strong.. Thanks Ray
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    Any details??
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    They wouldn't paint a pretty picture of the situation that why the OP and other people purposely leave them out.
  4. DS

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    Ray,what are you accused of/fired for?
    You may find help here.
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    I would suggest that he refrain from posting any more details about his pending criminal charges and grievance issues until said charges and issues have been resolved. Any good attorney would give him the same advice. He has the right to remain silent, he should take advantage of it.
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    Lol.. The "right to remain silent" has nothing to do with internet forums. But ya, he should probably resolve this stuff in court before telling us about it
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    Ray, have you been pitching packages into the woods on Ransom Rd., again??????? :rofl: :rofl:
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    I have been in that position. I was technically guilty, but realistically being taken advantage of. My advice is to shut up and contact a lawyer imediately. I mean that not in an uncordial way but that when we become stressed we say and post things that dig us deeper into the crap. Lawyers can calm those fears and help us see the big picture.
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    Read his previous posts, sexual harrasment.
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    Oh. That's who that is. See post above. Speak with your attorney, only.
  14. Why super secret.....He was FALSLEY accused....right?
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    LOL!!!! I'm not sure about his case, but You couldn't shut me up when I was. Livid, I was. Thank God for that hunter on Ransom Rd. I wish I knew his name. I'd hug him.

  16. Yes. Anytime I have been accused or had nothing to do with whatever the charge is........I LOUDLY make it plain I had nothing with it. Even the mere implication or suggestion.
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    I guess he used his real name, now to shut up. let the problem run its course..
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    is sexual or for that matter any type harassment at ups punishable?
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    I loudly, and for years to come make sure they know they were wrong. They need to hear it at least once a week, make them so sick of listening to you that they at least think about it next time.
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    Any corporation, including UPS, will deflect any and all liability whether it is reasonable or not. It's a sad world...I'm living it, too, ears open and mouth closed.