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    Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but it looks to me like UPS is now bigger than the Post Office. In the 4th Quarter of 2019, UPS revenues were $20.568 billion. Revenues at the Post Office were $19.4 billion for what they call 1st Quarter 2020. I've been with UPS for 32 years. First time I've seen this happen.
  2. Bit the post office doesn't pay taxes and other fees like Brown does.
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    The USPS doesn't even pay license fees on its vehicles or road tax on its fuel. UPS drivers are paid way more per hour. USPS doesn't pay dividends to shareholders and in fact lost about $1 billion in the quarter.
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    Ups will buy out the post office
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  5. You got to read a little deeper into that report
    The post office has to have to pay pension obligations years in advance.

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    My understanding is not "years in advance" but as the work is done...just like the private sector. Prior to about 10 years ago, the USPS treated pensions like the federal government them out of current revenues to current retirees. The private sector has to pay into a retirement plan each year as the work is performed and retirement entitlement is accrued. The USPS bitches about that, but since they are an off-book agency, that is exactly how they should be paying their retirement obligations--as the debts are incurred.

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    Besides, retirement expenses don't effect revenues.
  8. USPS Defaults on Billions in Mandatory Payments, Despite Scheduled Relief
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    I dont think we are paid way more an hour. I have met and talked to alot of USPS workers who do or know people there who make over 45 an hour.
  10. Bob11B

    Bob11B Active Member drivers also claim they make as much as me, doesn’t mean it’s true.
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    They think that because websites like indeed or Glassdoor say the average feeder driver makes $50K a year. I don’t know where they get their numbers. If I worked 6 months out of the year, maybe.
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    Still, funny that you never hear about pension-funding problems for Senators and Congress people ...
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    I'm buddies with a retired USPS worker, they do. This guy would show up to work, clock in, leave, show up and the end of shift and clock out.
  14. Boywondr

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    They must handle a lot of envelopes containing gift cards and cash every day!
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    The. Only way they make that much is to be a disabled veteran. Those guys are treated like kings at usps.
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    But what about Surepost? I heard it’s going away. Haha
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  19. Mack37

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    USPS has more vehicles, employees, locations etc. but it kind of goes back and forth on who makes more money. Of course, USPS isn’t supposed to make a profit so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Everyone making a big deal about USPS losing money is a recent phenomenon. Making money isn’t really the point.
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  20. Ladytruckdriver513

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    I was a TTO (tractor trailer operator)for USPS. They top out at 28-29 something an hour and it takes 9 years. Prior to 2012 they topped out around 32 an hour.