Birmingham, AL, very sad

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    Man, more and more people in this line of work "going postal"...what's going on? Pretty sad news indeed.
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    With the way Fedex and UPS continue to belittle and demoralize their employees,this likely will occur more frequently .
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    Treat people like garbage and stuff like this is bound to happen.

    My condolences to the victims and their families.
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    Prayers for the victims and families. Im surprised this has not happen at Express somewere with the way they treat people like trash.
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    Didn't it happen a few months ago at FedEx near Atlanta? I can't remember the exact month but I'm pretty sure it's been since March.

    I feel bad for all involved, the victims as well as everyone else who works at that center.
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    That was Ground. Tex is talking about Express.
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    Yes, at the FXG facility in Kennesaw GA. Although he injured several people, the only person he managed to kill was himself.
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    And the one in Illinois....
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    You can't blame the companies for mentally ill people. It's all about numbers. With enough employees it will eventually happen.

    Gotta keep your head on a swivel no matter where you are nowadays.
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    Disagree. Read post #4.

    FedEx AND UPS are pushing their luck a little to far. Case in point, look what happened today.