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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Converge, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I work the evening shift at UPS and do Saturday deliveries. I'm just curious to what kind of options I have, because apparently I'm working on Friday doing pick ups in about 4000 different areas. I wasn't told anything until this past saturday when I finished work and the oms in the center gave me a sheet with all the pick ups.

    I was at first told that it is an optional day to work because I'm technically not considered an "air driver" from an old shop steward. but now I'm told from another guy that is a shop steward who said he was fighting with the union all day that we HAVE to work.

    If i have to work I have to work, but I was really looking forward to having more then one day off week from this place. If anyone has any info let me know and sorry for the rambling. Thanks!
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    I'm a Saturday Air Driver too. And I told my Saturday supervisor that I'm probably not coming in Friday, and he's ok with it. It seems optional in my center. They probably will have enough people anyway and it seems like its all volunteers, FT & PT drivers. If they don't have enough volunteers, then they would probably start trying to force people. Its probably like 30-50 stops per person in our area. I heard there was no pickups on Friday, or very little. In your case, I don't know, you signed up to do Saturdays, so maybe you don't have to go because its not Saturday. What are they going to do? Probably nothing. If you have plans with family or whatever, I'm sure you maybe wiggle out of it. Especially since its short notice and if you have enough seniority over other Saturday Drivers. If they still say you have to come in, I'd double check with your shop steward too, then I'd try to find out if there are other Saturday drivers not coming in, then if you have more seniority over those drivers you can argue that they should work over you.
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    Well as of right now I have to do pick ups for 4 different towns which is gonna be a pain with all the pick up times, plus I know nothing of the one area. It just annoys me cause I have(maybe had) plans and now they might be screwed because no one told me anything until the weekend before. Its just poor planning I think personally. But oh well. I'm gonna call my Saturday supervisor today and see what I can do.