Blacklisted stops?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Schlepper, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Got an email earlier handed down from FedEx security telling us that all stops going to a certain address in my PSA were to be suspended immediately and until further notice. It was light on the details otherwise. Just curious as to what happened there that would make this address a pariah now? I haven't been to this particular house, but in speaking with my P&D manager he said it was on the Express side of things, and that security will tell both Express and Ground whenever something like this occurs. Anyone ever have anything like that?

    Hope everyone is having a smooth peak. Volume is way up at my station compared to last year but I've yet to 27 anything despite the terminal's best efforts at running long sorts and delaying my dispatch.
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    Illegal drug shipments; some type of danger for the courier; address is a drop for people ordering things with stolen account numbers or credit card numbers; packages being stolen from that address. I've seen that a lot due to those 4, but it could be anything.
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    I know of at least one location that we're not allowed to deliver to. From what I've heard, the woman claim she never received packages that had been driver released. Now we just immediately RTS anything that comes in for her.

    She was recently imprisoned for money order fraud so we don't see any more packages for her. :)
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    I think you may be in my area. We had a gentleman become very irate with one of my drivers. She had misdelivered a package to his house about 10 minutes earlier. She went back to retrieve and give him the correct package. He claimed he did not have the package. Driver called me and I instructed her to bring his package back and the terminal would sort it out in the morning. This was not satisfactory for him and in his tirade he threatened to "go get a gun." When she reported this to me, I took his package to the SM and let him know that we will not be returning to that address--ever.

    The guy's a real piece of work. After several calls to terminal staff, the SM got on the phone and told him that, "No, you cannot drive an hour and a half here to get your package. If you arive on the property security will detain you until local authorities arive to take you and your package is being returned to the shipper."
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    I had a delivery about six months ago where I had about 6 AT&T packages for an apartment. There was no one home, so I indirected them to the leasing office. Next day CSA is bugging where I left the packages, told them office signed for them and I saw them record them in their book they have residents sign when picking their stuff up. First, the guy says I had no right delivering them to the office, that I should have released them at his door. Not an option for that area of town. Then we find out someone who claimed to be a relative went and signed for them from the office, but this person wasn't his relative. All in all, he just wanted to claim them stolen so he could get them replaced. Needless to say, I don't indirect anything in that complex unless there is a note on the door specifically asking me to do so.