Blanket Policy Dictates from MEM

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Once again, MEM is issuing stupid blanket dictates that make things worse, not better. Just when you think the job cannot possibly get does. I was talking with a Dispatch friend, and he was saying that the stations are all in chaos because it's literally impossible to keep up with the demands. As the Call Centers shut down, and CSA hours get reduced, MEM has decided to toss it over to Dispatch. This is why you can't get an answer or get put on long-term hold when you call-in or send a PowerPad message. They are busy doing their job and what the CSAs used to do and covering for the incredible number of screw-ups generated by the new third party outsourced Call Center people, who have no idea what's going on.

    Apple, reattempt policy, who and who can't deliver what just goes on and on, even if it makes no sense and actually costs more to do the new, "improved" way.

    This is actually good for us, because it contributes to the downward spiral of Express operations. There is no way the stations can keep-up with the MEM demands, yet they keep issuing them. The end result is lower morale, less willingness to do the job, and an increased interest in a union. Over time, the system will continue to implode. This is truly a disaster unfolding in slow-motion.

    Whenever there is an operational glitch, shortcoming, and/or failure, MEM starts issuing blanket policies that probably make sense to a cubicle-bound Memphoid or a top exec, but make no sense in the real world of frontline operations. They have always done this, but as Express implodes, their "solution" is to issue more of them, and in rapid succession. It's as if they live in a virtual world, and we live in the real one....they seem that disconnected.

    We are truly led by the clueless. Our overpaid upper management team is actually doing us a favor as they destroy this opco with their own stupidity. Keep signing those cards, doing the bare minimum, and let them screw this place up as only they know how. Just do it their way, even if you know it's stupid and costs you time. You cannot be busted for following orders, so "help" them make the dumb moves that will be their own undoing.
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    Dispatchers don't even get fed the Costco hot dogs. They are getting screwed around as much as you guys and very few are left who are going to go the extra mile. There are tons of daily, weekly and monthly reports run on every little thing they do or dont do. Save the stations asses a dozen times and they wont even hear a thank you. miss sending a critical message a safety broadcast or some other trivial item and they will be in the office having to explain themselves. They are playing the CYA game while they try to learn their constantly chsnging CSA jobs and continue with their dispatch duties. They are like a lot of us just hanging on until they can escape FedEx.
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    Hey, its extra hours for us, at my station it is taking 10-15 minutes just to receive the CLEAR message.

    We are all fine with sitting on the clock doing nothing, and when asked why our stem times are so much longer,and we say to ask dispatch, they can't even do anything because they have their own management.

    Common sense has vanished.
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    Very true!!!
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    Good 'ole Memphis, somebody craps their pants and they issue everyone a diaper.
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    They took away our Raises, but we get actually get a raise by going back to reatt... No problem that stop is 30minutes away, I'll reattempt it! Shuttle code? heck no, if you want to pad numbers, find some other way, I'm not paid on performance anymore.
  7. Glad to see we weren't the only station told to go into a shuttle code to reattempt packages.
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    What are these cards you all speak of?
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    So true. I was written up, as a new employee, for coming back to the station without being cleared. I thought the system had went down because it was taking so long to get a msg from dispt. Fast forward to now, it seems its taking so long to clear everyday. Guess what? I too sit there waiting to get that msg and I don't resend either. I had 20 minutes added onto my return to station because of when I finally got the ok to come back. Manager hasn't said anything to us. Many they also know about the new workload dispatch has to deal with and don't even bother with us.
  10. Mr. 7

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    Union cards.
    From the IBT.
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    I can't get cleared because my powerpad is always in noack. Always. I waste half a roll of printer paper rebooting.

    Do they not have calculators in Memphis? Can't they figure out how much money is wasted with these idiotic policies? I broke it down for my manager the other day for how many miles I drove, how much I get paid by the hour and how much they had to pay to get me help so I could make it back to the building in time for the CTV. We can't check how much Apple pays to ship and iPad--but I have a feeling we got hosed on this one.

    We are spiting our regular customers to cater to fair-weather customers. No one sticks around because of customer service-it's all about the money
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    Memphoids are morons, and they prove it every day by issuing more stupid policies that actually cost the company money. I say, let them keep doing it, and then follow those policies to the letter. You will never get in trouble for working as directed.
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    Hey MFE clear some of your messages in your pm.
  14. MrFedEx

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    Cleared. Go ahead and PM me.
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    I dont get why we cant use "add a stop" prompt in our pwrpd. Waiting for dispatch to issue a "walkup" takes forever; its like your on dispatches time not yours
  16. whenIgetthere

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    I believe that goes to what MFE stated earlier, we aren't paid to think anymore, we're just box monkeys now.
  17. SmithBarney

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    I do it all the time, last time I asked for a walkup never got it, time before that took over 2 hours.
  18. MrFedEx

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    Thinking is dangerous. That's why they have managers do it...and look what happens.
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    So which is it? To me understanding you, this is a good thing.
  20. MrFedEx

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    FedEx management is incompetent enough to bring the company down without any outside help. The problem is that most employees know that their manager is a moron, so they work around them and do what's right. If we would just do exactly what we are told (work as directed), and follow their inane policies and procedures to the letter, FedEx would implode.