Blockbuster--End of an Era

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  1. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Blockbuster Video announced yesterday that they will stop renting videos here on Aug. 6th and will close permanently on Sep. 20th. They will hold a liquidation sale to get rid of their inventory. The company cited competition from online and rent-by-mail companies such as Netflix for the decline in video rentals. Yet another company which failed to recogize a changing market and adjust accordingly.

    Blockbuster store to close Local News Press-Republican
  2. moreluck

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    Our's closed over a year ago and I got a few tapes from their close-out. I do Redbox all the time and much cheaper!
  3. Scottyhawk

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    Blockbuster in my town closed over a year ago and now is a Mo's resturant
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We also had a Mo's---they lasted less than 6 months and the building still sits vacant.
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    This is what technology can do to the market place. Indeed, blockbuster failed to adjust to changing conditions, but this is just one of many examples of a business concept that is being replaced by the internet.

    Newspapers, books, magazines, cd's, DVD's and such are other businesses that will be out of business in less than 10 years.

    In less than 20 years, the indoor malls will be vacant as people continue to transition to internet shopping and taking sales away from the retail stores in those malls. You can find everything on the internet and no longer need to go to a mall and fight crowds and parking.

    Technology is replacing many industries and this country has to find a way to create new ways of employing people.


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    Our's closed at least a year ago. Hadn't rented from them years before that. When they went to their "call ahead and reserve a copy" plan that screwed the customers who actually drove to the store cash in hand and the " rent new releases for five nights" thereby emptying the shelves of anything new they sealed the deal for me. I rent from Family Video which is a privately owned midwest chain. There are Redbox in town but at the store my rental fees actually provide a job in the community. If they weren't around I would finally go all digital.
  7. 728ups

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    Back in the late 80's there were several Mom an pop rental places,then BBV came in and shut them down. Soon BBV had ZERO competition,and rates went up,rental times shrunk and late fees were a huge source of revenue. The two BBV's in this town closed their doors last year,and i am surprised that I saw the rise and fall of an era
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    You didn't experience 8-track and typewriters?
  9. 728ups

    728ups offending people on the internet since 1995

    When I first started driving there was actually a Typewriter Repair shop on the route.I wish I had taken a picture of it with my Polaroid Camera
  10. cachsux

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    Oh, and customer service sucked at Blockbuster.
  11. soberups

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    Hopefully this will create a "niche" market for small rental stores that specialize in old, hard-to-find movies.

    The problem with Redbox and Netflix is that the selection is rather limited.
  12. cachsux

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    Have to admit I'd hedge on that bet. Nowadays the digital is expanding daily. Instead of a store with one rare disk I'd have a website with hundreds to download to rent or buy with little overhead.
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    Most of the blockbusters around here are closed and I honestly hardly noticed. They were operating on a business plan designed to work in the mid to late 1990s and not the 2000s and beyond.

    There are video rental stores still thriving, but they adjusted their business plan accordingly to do so. A video rental place I still frequent is a store called "family video". Most new releases are $2.79 and older titles are 2 for $1. Service is good, selection is diverse, and overall I have to say I have been a happy customer for a few years now.