bloomington,il feeder jobs

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  1. bloomington,il has jobs for full time vacation seasonal truck driver jobs on but if you hit the apply link it takes me to ups careers and this position does not exist. am i doing something wrong or is this a problem with yahoo? i know the center does not want to get involved in this type of thing but i do not know what to do thanks for any help.
  2. 705red

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    They might have stopped taking applications because the seasonal period is almost over, or they are just planning not to have any volume in Il at the end of august.
  3. tieguy

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    If you're looking for some type of job drill down listing you may not find anything listed as you describe. I would apply for a driver job for that area to at least get you in the applicant pool.
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    The bloomington center is pretty small. I have had to do meets there before and i think they only have a few feeder drivers. At my hub the volume dropped alot and they never intended on hiring any seasonals but the ad was in the paper everyweek. Even if they would have hired someone they would have proberly never worked.