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  1. upsfcsr

    upsfcsr New Member

    I worked collections for Overnite as a contracted third party collector for almost 2 1/2 years. Now I work Customer Service as a UPS Freight employee. It's def been a hard change. Things are much stricter than in the past. They treat the home office as if getting in there is a matter of national security. I know nothing about union, so can't figure if they are more rewarding or not. Things appear to be alittle chinchy these days. For example.....the computer I use, inadvertanly disconnects from the network, locks up and shuts down....but I ain't getting a new one. My ONLY prize for working there at this time is that I work from my own home. I don't get the same benefits as the in house ppl, but I do the same job, which I think is a crock. I get calls from residential ppl wanting to ship a 20 pound box that UPS has deemed FREIGHT.....excuse me but, 20 pounds is not consider freight, its considered a light weight box that should have moved through the little brown trucks, not the BIG grey and brown trucks and most likely will end up in the hands of our arch enemy, FedEx, bc at this time UPSF has no pricing for residential locations. SHEW....and I say that with all sincere concern for the customer bc if their little 20 pound box is put on our truck.....someone will be filing a claim bc it will not survive.

    I guess I can safely say that we have yet to be put through actual training bc we have not been completely brought up to speed on all the services we offer and the correct service to put the customer in touch with, and as far as I can tell.......neither has the ppl in CS at UPS.:confused:1
  2. Dutch Dawg

    Dutch Dawg Active Member

    What if the 20 lb box is oversize and exceeds the 130" combined length and girth limitation placed on the parcel division? Do you still not consider the item to be freight?
  3. TomCat

    TomCat New Member

    Do you know how much a pain in the rear to make a home delivery with a 48ft trailor, for one box that size. I have ask where are the straight trucks for a long time.
  4. upsfcsr

    upsfcsr New Member

    It's 165" in length and girth combined and regardless of the weight, if it exceeds that, then its considered freight.
  5. upsfcsr

    upsfcsr New Member

    [EVIL][/EVIL]I can ONLY imagine how hard it is to manuever one of those trucks and I say that in the most sincere way. The largest thing I have ever driven was a 2 1/2 ton, straight shift diesel towing a 24' boat. I can't imagine getting a 40 someodd foot truck down a residential street and quite frankly, for 20 pound boxc, I do think I could see myself doing and risking the damage in my path. Take that mess to the post office.

    Maybe one day this will all be worked out, but right now......its messed up.:mad:
  6. BrownTurd

    BrownTurd Its all good!

    It seems to me it is just a matter of time before many customers ship freight collect instead of prepaid or third party and UPS freight will be picking up the packages instead of UPS brown. In time UPS freight will buy smaller vehicles to deliver those packages....this will be the demise of the UPS brown union.
  7. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    No UPS is going to keep the tractor trailers due to they can get more packages on the trailers and they can get rid of three package drivers.Also UPS is going to give UPSfrieght an hour for lunch and they are going to call the old package guys in on holidays and weekends.After they cut your wage.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I'm sure there are a few package drivers that would welcome a reduction of work . Since it had not happened it appears your assumption is wrong.
  9. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    Tie IM being sarcastic these people who believe that UPS is going to try to put the union out with UPSfrieght is just laughable its a total joke.We have enough problems doing what we do.As a matter of fact we on the frieght side would appreciate if the package side would take all are mall stops and any residential. I can gurentee you we will be smileing if this happens.:thumbup1:
  10. BrownTurd

    BrownTurd Its all good!

    It's just a matter of time, we can not (UPS BROWN) compete in the global market with a union so our non-union subsidary's will do it for us.

    Sure, some say it will never happen, last time I heard that they said "UPS WILL NEVER GO PUBLIC"

    SCS-UPS employees will have it better than UPS BROWN employees in the future.
  11. freight

    freight Guest

    when you ship though if your order equals 20lbs per pckage it will ship freight but has to on a pallet and shrink wrapped, ovnt has always done residential deliveries we in ocala do about quite a few, ovnt also charges an additional premium for residental deliveries.

    We had a meeting and was told we were going to be the primary carrier for freight sized items sold on ebay. And 2000 additional liftgates were being ordered.
  12. upsfcsr

    upsfcsr New Member

    It's good for me to see others thoughts. I recently ordered a mattress that is being shipped from California. I requested that they use us, but unfortunately their contract is with the "F" word. After dealing with them, I can honestly say that WE ROCK. I mean, sure, the operations they are pulling right now are smoother than ours, but we are simply ironing out wrinkles from the merge at this point. But.....we use the "one shipment, one label"....they do not. So....half my shipment got here on time, the other half "SHOULD" (LMFAO) have been here yesterday, but it was not. Moving on a different tracking number and HOW backwards is that. Dealing with their customer service is like hitting your head on a brick wall.
    I give KUDOS to all our drivers, both freight and small package. What I personally would like to see is the freight prices become more reasonable for residential and such. Right now, when someone calls in for residential, once they get the price quote, they tell me I am crazy..... Well, no I'm not personally crazy, but maybe the computer is, want me to ask?