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  1. dilligaf

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    does anyone know why we have bluetooth in communications menu in diad?
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    if one of your customers wants a print out of every package they sign for.
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    Still has time to answer questions even though they are trying to kick him out of the country.
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    Bluetooth in the DIAD 4 is used for communicating with an external cellphone that communicates at a different GPRS frequency than the internal DIAD 4 radio. This is currently being used in about 50 centers. The DIAD 4 can also communicate using Bluetooth with a scanner used in the preload. These features were introduced in Sept of 2007.
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    Good point.
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    Bluetooth is a communication tool that advances the communication posibilities of the can only imagine what it can talk to.
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    it reads your pulse and takes your b.p to send report back to Berlin so the S.S knows if your working hard enough !!!!!!
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    I have a small computer that I plug into heavy equipment and it gets all kinds of info from the unit, shows me the info and sends it to the company by bluetooth software. Many a time has it revealed misuse by an operator.
  9. Cementups

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    As far as the DIAD bluetooth it can only be paired with scanner equipped with bluetooth tecnology. You CANNOT pair the DIAD with your cell phone to send info incase your interenal radio goes down. If that happens you can still use a handset and have hte DIAD "talk" to our mainframe over the phone.
  10. brownracer

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    With all due respect, actually the DIAD IV can be paired with a cell phone using Bluetooth. You are correct that they do not work with any cellphone as the cellphones being used are a specific model that are setup for data communications only. They are currently deployed to a select number of centers in the U.S. that have no CDMA coverage and only coverage in the GPRS spectrum that the internal DIAD IV GPRS radio doesn't cover. This enhancement was introduced with DIAD/DCS 07.06.

    As with DIAD III, the DIAD IV will also communicate using "Speaker-Comm."
  11. Cementups

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    That is correct. I cannot pull out my blackberry and sync it to my DIAD. You ave to have one of thse issued phones, which we do not have here in Central PA.
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  13. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Uh, sorry knee jerk reaction. We are just 'back-woods hillbillies' here and know nothing about this 'new-fangled' technology. I'm actully surprised my spell check accepted my first spelling of technology. LOL