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That extra hour at home might be worth it to them.
Maybe. But from what I’ve seen most bonus babies show up to work super early and work for free and hang out at least 20 minutes after work to chain-smoke with their fellow runners and/or favorite supervisor.
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I hear ha but it sucks to have that mentality in a center that pays “bonus” at straight time. If you average two hours of bonus (like in your pic) per week you lose $1800 per year in OT. We have a few drivers in my center that average 5 hours (Usually one per day) or more per week. They lose around $4700 per year. Just sayin.
I guess what I’m trying to get across is that no matter if the numbers work in my favor or theirs, I’m not going to purposely work slower, knowing I could make OT instead of bonus and come out the same in their eyes, but my pockets would be heavier. When I say their numbers don’t matter, they don’t, even when it benefits me. If they want to pay me extra for doing my job at my normal pace, I’ll cash the check.