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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Had fun yesterday. We stood in line for 2 hours at Laguna Beach Books to meet and have a book signed by Kathy Griffin. Hubby & I both watch "My Life on the D List" and like the show.

    Lots & lots of people in line and a very flamboyant bunch. One guy was wearing a bright red suit (not Santa) with silver stiletto heels and a red fancy fur hat. He was doing his peacock strut all up & down the line. He was a riot!

    I got my picture with Kathy and with the 2 other people on the show with her....Tiffany & Tom.

    I don't attend a lot of signings......I can think of 4 of them) but I kind of like the way this was handled (crowd wise). You buy her book and you get a ticket. The ticket entitles you to meet Kathy and get your book signed and a picture taken with your camera. She was not signing any books from other than THIS book store's books. This helps the little "mom & pop" book store's sales as opposed to the big Amazon, Borders, etc. Also, no one got in without a ticket.

    There were several groups where not everyone bought a book....those that didn't were turned away at the door. When you bought your book, there was a printed sheet explaining all the 'rules'

    I like the way it was handled and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters who call Laguna Beach, home!! Fun!
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    I saw some great pictures of a Kathy Griffin book signing. Good-looking people showing up there!
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    How about a Kathy Griffin--Sara Palin--book--signing--whirlwind tour? Money makes strange bed-fellows.
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    that comment deserves this reply:

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    Well that certainly wasn't the intention, but that was very funny. So funny that I'm afraid I've forgotten what the thread was about. Way to go tourist you've derailed the thread by telling me not to. LOL:happy-very: