Bow to the Imperial Master <clucking noises>

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    "Supposedly, state socialism failed, but the Chinese have created an improbable combination of a one-party socialist state and predatory capitalism. American industry is so far into the tank with the Chinese and the U.S. government is so heavily dependent on the Chinese to buy our bonds that the administration can't imagine taking a hard line against Beijing. Our diplomats behave more like a client power genuflecting before the might of the imperial master than the dominant nation that the U.S. is supposed to be."

    " The system works, sort of, for China. But it doesn't work for China's leading trading "partner" -- the United States.
    It would be far better if China focused more in its own internal market, and paid its people wages commensurate with their rising productivity, so that they could import more from the rest of the world. Wages count for only about 32 percent of total GDP in China -- in most of the West, the figure is double that. So the Chinese governments keeps its own people poor and uses the fruits of their labor to invest in expansion, including many billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to industry, and then lends America the money to buy subsidized products"

    Hey "Job Creators" and "Global Mega-Bankers" .....The Chicken Coup is starting to some patriotism for once !
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    There is only two ways to make companies be patriotic:
    1) Create "rewards" for being patriotic
    2) Create "penalties" for not being patriotic