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  1. Integrity

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    To all,

    Does anyone know why some of the package cars are loaded from Boxline Systems and others are loaded from conveyor belt systems?

    What system are your package cars loaded from?

  2. Most of the time, rollers down in the PDC, & it's not fully loaded by the time PCM ends most days.

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  3. Integrity

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    Not familiar with the PDC terminology, does that mean primary direct chute?

    Please explain if you would.

  4. joeboodog

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    Our center uses a box line.
  5. Johney

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    I think it's based on age of building. Ours is conveyor and it was built in 1990. I've been to some much older buildings that are boxline.

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  7. bleedinbrown58

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    Ours is conveyor also...was built in the 80's. But at least 3 other older buildings in my local have a boxline.
  8. Nimnim

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    It really just comes down to how the building was designed. Mine has both boxlines and conveyors. I imagine newer ones don't have boxlines because it's harder to repurpose those for other things.
  9. Gumby

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    We have both. and it doesnt matter, the trucks are equally loaded poorly on both!
  10. Nah, not sure what PDC stands for exactly, but 1 of those portable bldgs. that a lotta centers have 'cause their bldgs. aren't big enough.

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  11. Nimnim

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    Oh, those things that are the size of a trailer with a power hookup that gets backed onto a bay and then PCs are backed up to it?

    I think those have conveyors on them. At least if what I'm thinking of is similar to what you're talking about has a conveyor.

    We do have some unpowered ones that are normally used to load into air cans that have a set of rollers on them. I don't think they'd work as well for PCs though.
  12. degill7994

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    Our building has a boxline I think it was built in the early 90's.

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  13. beentheredonethat

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    Facilities that are hubs, or were hubs at one point in their lives often have boxlines. If there was no boxline in a hub, all the packages that are due to be delivered from that building during the Day\Twi or Nights sorts would have to be loaded into trailers then during the preload, they'd unload, sort etc those same packages. The boxline allows the hub facility to keep the packages in the building and presorted and ready to be processed for the preload. If UPS were to build a building now that was not a hub, a belt to car system is much more efficient. However, for facilities that are hubs, it is more efficient to save on the loading\unloading of that work by having a boxline. Note: some very old buildings that are only a package center with a preload\local sort used to be hubs. Usually a good way of knowing that is if the building number ends with a 9.

    As far as PDC - Portable Distribution Ctr. It was described well before.
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  14. brownrod

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    The boxlines I've seen are inside a large hub. You can drive your trucks inside then park on the boxline.

    The belt system at my buiding runs down the center of the entire building. Unload on one end. trucks parked on each side. I don't see how a boxline would make any sense in small building with one belt.

    Our building is ancient. but small. no room for a boxline... the same belt that loads our trucks in the morning is full of 28' trailers in the evening that are being loaded with outgoing volume.
  15. Not ours. Rollers, bay bee. The closest conveyor belt is the 1 that dumps all the volume down to the rollers.

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  16. bleedinbrown58

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    Lol that's cause I'm not there! :panicsmiley:
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  17. cheetah

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    As a preloader that gives 110% every morning, I hope drivers understand what we go through. The ones that have done it do but not all drivers have been on preload. Preloaders are like pond scum getting yelled at by the supervisors and you have 3-4 ttrucks to load every morning and it comes at you so fast it is hard to get in and out of the trucks and get all of your stuff off the belt. I try to put it all in the right area then on the so called 10 minute break I am trying to organize then at the end I am trying to make sure it is all in order. One supervisor says do not rearrange the truck at the end. He is a great trainer and I believe everything he says but another supervisor says you should be able to have everything in order and make sure it is right at the end. Where is my superhero costume?
  18. bleedinbrown58

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    by your post...I'm guessing you've worked here less than 6 months, am I correct?
  19. cheetah

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    You would be correct please tell me it gets better.
  20. bleedinbrown58

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    I've been a loader for 8 years in July....I don't ever expect a superhero sure as hell ain't earned one either...just sayin. And by the way, I'm a