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    Ok, this may be a stupid post...but what is a boxline? My center uses belts to load the trucks? Are boxlines easier?

    I've seen the term used on here..but really have no clue as to what it is.

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    A boxline is a series of color coded cages that run on a track that just keeps circling the center. Each cage has a top, middle and bottom. A preloaders pull could be top green or middle red or bottom yellow etc.......
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    Back in the 1970's and prior - the boxline or cageline was the more sophisticated way to run a nightload or (later), preload operation. Obviously, these are still in service today but as new buildings are being built or redisigned and if there is enough room...slide to car operations are the preferred way to run a preload. I am sure that with the advent of PAS the facilities of the future will incorporate a more efficient design to accomodate the new technology. The most prevalent operation is the belt to car operation. It needs less room and is cheaper to install and can accomodate many different configurations with slight modifications.

    Anyway, getting back to "boxlnes". The boxline consisits of 5 sets of cages, each with 3 compartments (top-middle-bottom) that are color coded for the sorters. Each preloader pulls his/her route from one of these compartments. The boxline travels on an oblong track like a carousel and you can load cars on each side of the boxline. It is also raised at one end to allow preloaders to pull routes from the bottom cages with ease. I always felt that the bottom cages were easiest to pull from for average height folks.

    As a preloader, you presort (preselect) the packages for your cars and let the compartment carry the package(s) to the closest position for the next car and then pull them out.

    As times and demands and technology have changed, boxlines now have more negatives than positives. The system has just become outdated and is not efficient anymore.

    Here are just a few:
    Advantage: preselecting ("working" the cage) leting the cage do the "walk" for you)

    Disadvantages: Safety, bending in middle cages, limited number of packages that can be sorted, flow per hour is limited to number of sorter positions on slide, car placement is limited to boxline configuration, requires a lot of skill to effectively utilize the system from a non-mgmt and mgmt position. Boxlines tend to breakdown or skip off the track a lot. My experience was 2 to 3 times a week!!!

    The actual cage varies from building to building due to size restrictions. A standard compartment is approx. 3 ft square and about 5 ft deep - these are not exact dimensions.

    Hope this answers your question!!!!
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    In my opinion a belt is easier. At least thats what Ive heard from the poeple that work on one in our area. You get alot more time to organize and check for misloads.
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    Or if you work in a big center, they have 4 of them.
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    In a single belt center the packages must be pulled off the belt before they pass your trucks. Otherwise the loader for those trucks, or truck farther down, have to go own the belt and bring them back. The belt ends. The boxlines keep comming back around.
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    years ago we use to have what we called a sort track. it was like a belt but it had paddles and there would be a coder at the start of the track and when the track was near your car it would dump the box down a slide. every once in awhile it would grab a box and take it to the end of the track and it would jam and break the track. this was good for at least an hour of down time. it was a great money maker for the preloaders
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    That boxline crawls compared to a single belt. With the belt you only get one shot. Loaded off a belt for 13 years.
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    I worked off a boxline for about 3 years or so. I found it much easier to use the boxline rather than the belts. As said before, if you can utilize the boxline properly you can have everything sorted in the bins so they can be directly loaded into each car.
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    The boxline is much easier. As long as you are pulling 3.5 to 4 packages per bin you are sittin pretty. They don't break down that often. Occasionally one will jump the track because of an irreg. hangin out. Or a pin will break. (you can replace a pin fairly quickly and take off a set of bins if needed)