Brand experts mixed on new UPS campaign

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    Brand experts mixed on new UPS campaign - BtoB

    Brand experts are giving mixed reviews to United Parcel Service of America's new global brand campaign, “We Love Logistics,” saying the concept of logistics is a tough one to sell.

    “We Love Logistics” replaces UPS' “What can Brown do for you?” tagline and its more recent “Whiteboard” campaign in the U.S., as well as its “Deliver More” campaign outside the country.

    “If there is one thing UPS has done and stuck to very effectively, it is the singular use of the color brown, from the hats down to the socks,” said Laura Ries, president of branding firm Ries & Ries. “Certainly the use of brown was very effective, but the tagline wasn't necessarily specific enough, in terms of "What can brown do for you?' They have the challenge of selling logistics. That is not something that is easy to visualize.”
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    I just read where the "GAP" store cancelled their multi-million dollar rebranding of their new logo due to public outcry. I guess there's still hope UPS could wise up and realize this "Logistics" crap is just that. But unfortunately we all know how UPS never likes to admit one of their brilliant plans is a bust.