Brand new in the brown; just wanted to say hello and make my presence known

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    Hey guys. First off, I just wanted to let any and all who read this that perusing the BC really played a powerful supporting role in landing my first permanent position with the company...lots of great people here, open and honest with an overflowing cornucopia of info. I went through the walk-through, series of interviews, and a few hours ago I got a call to let me know I start local sort (loading) within a few days. As I've read MANY others have, I successfully completed the latest peak as a me my in. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the great majority of those I've met personally (@ my Williston, VT center, especially the driver I worked with) and those that I have yet to talk to (the authors of many, many posts here @ BC) seem like very decent people; well aware of the ropes and more than willing to show them to a greenhorn like myself. I know all of you work very hard already...thanks for going the extra mile [pun intended] off the clock to help guys like me.

    New Local Sorter/another driver hopeful ;)
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    Just curious----are you for or against the F-35's?

    We would welcome them with open arms here in Plattsburgh.
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    I actually live in Middlebury. I'm working on picking up a second job in the Burlington area to make my commute financially feasible. That being said, I really haven't been following the f-35 issue as ardently as some other VT's have. It's hard to know what's true and false about the issue. Allegedly, they are 4 times louder than the F-16's, of which there are 24 currently operational at the airport. The plan is to replace them with 18-24 F-35's. Whether or not they really are that much louder, Idk...but I suppose that if noise pollution was that great of a concern to me, I wouldn't have purchased a home near the airport. After's an AIRPORT, lol. Anyway, I have a funny feeling that this would not have been an issue around the end of 2001. People tend to forget little events like that. On the flip side, the F-35 is a very expensive option for short range defense of the NE...there are many cheaper airframes that could have been contracted but the facts are that a)we are struggling to be at the head of a perpetual worldwide arms race, whether or not we will need them in the near future and , unfortunately, b)we do live in a highly capitalist society, a large chunk of which is from the massive military-industrial complex; a fact that a few thousand people protesting the noise levels/pollution of a single new air craft contract is not going to change.