Breach of UPS Business Compliance and Ethics

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    Yesterday I completed the Business Compliance and Ethics Questionnaire, and I replied yes to the question: "Are you aware of any circumstances in which an employee, has received any gifts or benefits from UPS customers, UPS vendors Outside service providers.." I know for a fact that my boss received football tickets from one of our largest OSP's (not the first time). He keept the top match tickets for himself, and gave the low match tickets to some drivers. In my eyes, this is a breach of ethics, due to the fact that we have two large OSP's competing against each others to be the main OSP's for UPS in our area.

    After completing the questionnaire, I printed the copy, but unfortunately my boss found it in the printer before I managed to get it myself. He called me in to a "corrective" talk, blaiming me because he now couldn't use those tickets, and his kids would get really upset. He litteraly called me a backstaber and said that if this is how we should work together, he would start being very attentive to wether or not I work as contracted.
    Later he spoke with one of my colleges, and said that he wanted to punish me, but obviously couldn't since this would be another breach of business conducts.

    I seriously don't know how to deal with this. If I follow this to the door, I am sure he will do what he can to make life tough for me. I love my job, and would not leave UPS for anything. i would like to know other UPSers views on this please...
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    I hate to break it to you, but HR would have told him what you put on the questionnaire even if you didn't leave it on the printer. HR is not your friend in these situations regardless of what their propaganda says. And if you think HR cares if your boss retaliates against you I'm afraid you may be in for another surprise. I've seen how this whole thing works with my own eyes.
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    My experience is that HR cares about and will investigate these types of ethics issues.

    Concerning retaliation, I've personally been involved in meetings along side HR where they reviewed the no retaliation policy with other employees, meant it, and then documented the discussions.
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    This is 100% accurate, provided it occurred at a H.R. manager level or above. Remember, H.R. has no allegence to the other UPS management people - they have a duty to keep UPS out of lawsuits. If your boss retaliates, H.R. will take action, because they don't want to see the entire issue in court or on "60 Minutes".
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    My personal observations contradict this 100%.
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    I would be interested in hearing how this one plays out. My guess is that someone will be looking for a job. Just can't figure out which one.
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    HR only wants to smooth the situation over!! They have no intentions of fixing the problem!
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    There is a 1-800 number posted somewhere in your area to report any type of abuse. If I knew the # I would post it, but in the environment we are in now, I would not hesitate to use it. People in superior positions need to act in everyone's best interest, not just their own. The whole UPS problem is that everyone is expected to have blind faith that any mgr or above would always do the "right" thing. I don't believe that to be the case and will no longer think twice about reporting any abuse that I may witness. Treat everyone with respect and there will be no problems.
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    You are wasting your time calling that number! Believe me it is a waste of time. File your grievances. It always helps to keep drivers that you trust to be witnesses close to you!
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    You need to understand the purpose of the compliance and ethics questionnaire.....

    It is NOT a replacement for the ethics hotline. It really is a CYA process for UPS. It shows that there was proactive company involvement in finding ethics or regulatory issues. Then in case there was a violation somewhere, UPS' liability is limited....

    That being said, I doubt that what you pointed out would be seen as a compliance issue. Don't get me wrong, I see see it as inappropriate, but not from a regulatory standpoint.

    There is NOT a rule against accepting gifts. Here is a quote about that:

    "All employees and representatives of UPS should understand the legal and ethical issues associated with both giving and receiving gifts and entertainment, and how such activities can affect our reputation and relationships with our customers, suppliers, and the general public. The decision to offer or to accept gifts or entertainment should be made only in compliance with legal requirements and ethical considerations, and with disclosure to and the involvement of, the appropriate manager."

    I don't think football ticket would be seen as inappropriate in scale from a compliance standpoint. I don't think they would be viewed as a bribe.....

    On the other hand, a manager taking the tickets for him/her self is just bad taste and poor judgement.
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    call your newspaper and tell them,then tell them do not use your name or you will get fired.. example :[h=3]Little Tikes is dialing up a lousy toy [FONT=arial, sans-serif] what you do not see he was fired the boss flew up from Atlanta and fired him to please little tykes[/FONT][/h]
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    they will save brown before any driver
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    i dunno about your division, but our HR doesn't blow things over to make them go away

    that's work for the Teamsters or Division Manager, depending on your contract..
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    I agree with you but your last sentence is where the real problem lies...