"Breaking News!" Three Important Words Of Advice From Scott Davis And hall !

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by anonymous6, May 19, 2013.

  1. anonymous6

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    "Don't Get Sick!"
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    You had this Eureka moment in your dreams and got up to post it here?
    We thank you for your time and effort!
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    Why not?
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    "I'm not pregnant!"
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    Pass the scotch and let's drink to all the good times to come....BC
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    I mentioned before that my wife had a stroke last May and the ambulance, hospitable bill, and resulting prescriptions , were initially around $38,000. by the time it was over it had climbed to over $50,000.

    our out of pocket cost.........ZERO!

    with this new plan, if I understand it correctly, our out of pocket cost would be around $10,000.
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  8. Atomic_Smurf

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    Repeal the healthcare law that is redistributing the health benefits that you earn. It's the only way we'll ever return to the great plans that we see in the rearview today.
  9. anonymous6

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    I agree but here's the problem. In this once great nation there are now more people depending on the government for their welfare, food stamps, disibility, social security, beer and cigarettes and on and on and on.

    what and who do you think they are gonna vote for. their sugar daddy, of course. cradle to the grave security and the union worker is gonna bear the brunt of it. it will eventually decimate the middle class and the country will collapse under the weight. sorry.
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    This is the kind of thing that i tried to explain at our meeting yesterday.... right off the bat my medical expenses will at least double
  11. Atomic_Smurf

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    Agreed. Its a long shot...