Bridgewater and Duxbury and Middleboro , Massachusetts

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Pkgrunner, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Pkgrunner

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    I am tentatively planning to visit these towns for some family research and sightseeing( Life Before Brown-- so to speak).
    Since the Brown Cafe seems to have many New England members, I figure someone would be familiar with the Plymouth County area.

    I am looking for some advise on the best time of year to visit, the best places to visit, the best(most convenient yet nice) area to stay and what I should avoid...

    In other words: I need help to "Loop" my vacation since I do not have area knowledge; and I don't want fail miserably by relying solely on Google and Wikipedia like a PAS team:wink2:

    I figure the Fall would be good since my wife and son have never seen a real Fall except on TV and in pictures.
    The only catch is: the daytime temperatures need to be above 65F or my wife will freeze to death... So maybe late Summer/ early Fall will have to do....

  2. TheKid

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    I live in the area you are talking about. It is very nice in Sept...Oct. Let me know what you need. Plymouth is nice if you are into history. Middleboro is very rural...they have a nice campground if you are into that. Brand new (nice) hotel in Plymouth....can't remember the name...sorry. Apple picking is big that time of year. I am on alot. Will check in.
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    if you need the temp. to be above 65 during the day i would not come here much later than september. bridgewayer , duxdury and middleboro are all nice little towns. the good thing about them is that you are only about a 1/2 hour away from boston or cape cod and if this is your first time out east these are the two places ypo want to go to.
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    Save a day for Plymouth. There is Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Plantation, whale watches and some of the best seafood I have ever had. As Stud said, if this is your first time to this area, save a day each for Cape Cod and Boston.

    If it is fall foliage you are looking for you should go to the Berkshires in mid/late October.
  5. Pkgrunner

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    Thanks for the responses...
    Pretty much what I had planned, just wanted to double check..
    And maybe at the end of the two weeks with my family, I can check in to that state institution for some rest and rehab:wink2:
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    Good suggestions so far. There isn't much to do in those towns mentioned. Just IMO. I grew up in that area. Boston area, "The Cape", mountains of Western Mass, southern Rhode Island , are all more geared towards tourists and sightseeing.