Bronczek and Graf Stock Sales

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    To give you an idea of the kind of money our upper management is making, how do you feel about Dave Bronczek selling 83,451 shares of FedEx stock on 12-20-12 for $7,696,285? Or Alan Graf and Glenn Michael each selling over $6M in FedEx stock?

    Remember, we all need to make "sacrifices" in order to keep our troubled company afloat. These folks are obviously having trouble making ends meet...they're just like us.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how much time you spend typing on here.
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    I type quickly. It never ceases to amaze me how much you care.
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    You need a productive hobbie.
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    He's a front line employee. He can't afford a hobby productive or not. (Unless you consider what you do as a hobby, IE; stalking others on the net.)
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    He swears he only spends 10-15 minutes per day on this forum.
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    Back to the OP....

    I expect we will be seeing more execs divesting themselves of FedEx stock over the next few years. They know they can't sell it all at once without arousing suspicion from the SEC.
    Fred said his goal is to get the share price over 150 by 2016. That's about the time I expect he will sell out and retire as COB. No doubt he will offer up some platitude about wanting to spend more time with his family/s.
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    Who cares
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    Really doubt Fred will sell his 20 million plus shares. For one that would make FedEx a buyout target. It would greatly decrease the value with that many shares on the market by 2016. He'd no longer get millions in dividends every quarter. And he'd no longer be an influence on the direction of the company, which is his baby. If they truly expect to almost double the profit then that would mean increased dividends down the road. Execs do sell some of their stock from time to time because you might be a multi-millionaire on paper, but you can't buy mansions, cars, toys, etc until you convert some to cash. Fred doesn't have to sell his shares to retire.
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    I feel they lost out on a lot of money, should have held for another month.