Brown Cafe Cruise-Poll I

Would you be interested in participating in a cruise

  • Yes I would

    Votes: 17 68.0%
  • No I wouldn't

    Votes: 8 32.0%

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During the chat recently having a cruise of Brown Cafe members has been brought up. Since I have free time on my hands I am going to do a series of polls to determine how many might be interested in this idea. There are a lot of variables to deal with so there will be multiple polls. The first poll is just to see if there is enough interest to proceed further. Time of year, destinations, etc will be dealt with in future polls if there is sufficient interest. so here goes.


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Ill be in Mexico in February and Key West in March......both fishing trips.
I have exausted all available funds for the year.
Sounds like fun though.
It would be cool to party with you old retired buster browns.

cards fan

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First time on boards 16 year part time sup 10 on preload last 6 afternoon oms (part time driver sup) in my center. You may already no this but Carnival cruise gives a price break to UPS people. Last time me and my wife went on 7 day cruise it cost me $703. for both of us outside passage. I was happy with that.


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Just playing devil's advocate.....hubby and friends plan golf trips out of state all the time. Everyone is always 'gung-ho' and they say they will go. The last time they planned for Hawaii golf, 12 guys started out and only 3 actually went.

I couldn't vote in the poll because there was no "maybe" choice. Sometimes folks have standing dates every year for certain trips and if this cruise would fall on those dates, I couldn't go.

Be aware too that no matter what date you pick, you can't please, just pick an actual date and see where it goes from there.

Just trying to help.


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More-Did you notice the I after the word poll? This poll was just to get a general idea of possible interest, that's why there is no maybe option. There will be more specific polls as time goes on. Any cruise wouldn't be this year because of vacations needing to be bid.:)


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We can't wait 'till our children are old enough to leave with friends. Right now, they're too young....However...I can pull the crap some people did with their kids. They left the kids home while they went for a few days. The kids survived off of uncooked spaghetti and ketchup


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It's a very hard question to answer!

Of course, I love cruises. We've been on three (two with the kids). It's my favorite vacation.

BUT..... Oldest will be starting college next fall, so I'm not sure if I'll ever have money again....!

Sooooo, I guess I'll vote YES (cuz I am interested).


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Rush ole buddy

Cruises are specialists when it comes to entertaining and letting your kids have a blast. The last one we went on had over 590 kids on it under the age or 15. You would never of known. From pools to rock climbing to dance floors to well you just name it.

So dont let that stand in your way



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Not strangers, just friends you have yet to see.

Besides, bring your wife and kids. Make it a vacation that you could enjoy. The ups part is only that, just a part of the vacation.


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Just because we leave our children with Grandparents one week out of the year doesnt make us bad people. I look at this way, we get a well needed break and the kids have a great time being spoiled. Each to thier own.

Go ahead and count me in for the cruse if the time frame works out. It's nice to have something to look forward to.


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I would love to leave the kids with the grandparents, but my parents are too old, and my wife's mother is well, never mind...even my wife agrees. we have good friends we can leave them with.


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Was going to wait til the poll had run a week but doesn't seem to be much point. With only 14 yes votes it's not worth the hassle of trying to coordinate everything that would be needed. Oh well, gave it a try.:sad: