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Okay folks, here we go again. We need input from the BC crowd. Should we do the same itenerary so that those that didn't go can have a similar experience? I'm sure that some of the crowd that already went (OI) would go again.:wink2: Maybe we can do a cruise from the west coast? We set up a 7 day cruise this time, which everyone seemed to enjoy, so I think we'll keep that length. We also need to vote on what time of year would be best. I've already spoken to Amy, who said she would come up with some good choices. So let's see a show of hands for who is interested in BC Cruise II!!!


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I would need an estimate of the bar tab for a week. I'm a pretty thirsty guy.
Thats the problem (hope you don't mind me butting in), but why another Cruise ? Does it have to be one ?
Why not settle for an Island, like the Bahamas for a week, all inclusive, or Mexico, etc ?
For less then $1000 per person, flight , hotel, meals, all drinks included for the week.
Other things are free , too. Like snorkeling, Canoes, even sailing.

They have per pay excusions too. Like zip-lining, jungle tours, quadding, all inclusive pub tours, etc.

Me personally, I rather be near the beach, ocean and sun all day long, being served free drinks and food, then being on a ship, and only seeing land every 2nd day for 6 or 8 hrs total.

Just an opinion. But, it's cheaper, more relaxing, and less travel hassle (accomadation starts basically at your local airport, and all is taken care of).

I just got back, 7 day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Airfare, All inclusive Resort $648 (+ $276 taxes) total cost.
Just needed tip money. What a deal !

Needed to add the terrific entertainment at those resorts , too.
From live bands, live theatres (shows), to discos.
Even sportsbars, quite bars, dance bars. And all free too, including all drinks.
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I am in for whatever the group decides. Everyone that can should go this time. Klein has valid points in staying in one area for a week, but "cruising" the Caribbean was totally cool too. One might get a little stale if you stay in the same spot for a week. And Baltimore just doesn't sound right, I agree. Steve, you gots to come on this trip with the fam.

And I pity those people on this trip that were buying the bucket of beers by the pool, the daily "drink of the day," and spending a lot of time at the numerous bars throughout the ship. I would imagine when they got there final tab on the last day, they were in for a rude, high priced shock. My tab went up $225 in the 48 hours. I thought I had it in check until my daughters figured out that anybody could use that "sign and sail" card. (And that I wouldn't get mad!) Worth every penny though just to meet the cafe people in person and their family and friends. Honduras and Belize were awesome. Could have spent a couple of more days at those places.


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I am in for whatever the group decides. Everyone that can should go this time. Klein has valid points in staying in one area for a week, but "cruising" the Caribbean was totally cool too. One might get a little stale if you stay in the same spot for a week. And Baltimore just doesn't sound right, I agree. Steve, you gots to come on this trip with the fam.
It doesn't get "stale" for a week. You will barely find time to do many excusions. The big difference is the price $2000 per couple versus $5000.
But, if you do the cruise, do it out of Ft lauderdale next time. Much easier port and airport.
Costa Cruises have wonderful deals from Lauderdale.
Or, do the cruise and stay tour with Discovery Cruises.
It only goes to the Bahamas, but you can book the all inclusive resort there, too.

But, I know if you make something more affordable, the more bc'lers will jump onboard.
Not every couple has $4000 - $5000 to spend on a 1 week vacation.


I started this.
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The cruise seemed like the perfect venue for a group vacation. It had something for everyone.

If we are choosing from an all inclusive stay at a single destination or a cruise to multiple ports, I vote for a cruise. :)

BTW, as a couple we didn't come close to spending 4 - 5k for a week... There were 3 of us in 1 cabin and we spent about $3000 on the cruise, that was for 3 people. That doesn't include the extra days at a hotel in Miami, car rental or airfare (ours was free via AA miles earned from our credit card) but does include the 7 day cruise in a premium aft cabin with a slightly bigger balcony, a generous eating and drinking allowance for 3 people in all ports, a couple of fairly expensive excursions for 3, bingo, $ for the casino, extra tips to our servers and everything else I am forgetting to mention here. You could do it for a lot less if you got a less expensive cabin, set up excursions through independent operators, eat all of your meals on the ship and avoid the gambling activities.

This was our 13th cruise so we know the ropes. We've learned to avoid bar tabs, photo gallery charges, and most anything else that can quickly run up our bill. The one thing we purposely spend more on are tips. We usually wind up tipping more than the recommended minimum because cruise service is usually amazing so they deserve a little extra $.

If you can manage to keep down your expenses, like we try to, then cruises are a really good value.
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So sorry Klein...

Your Miller House recommendation was good and worked out well for us, thank you for that..

Your non cruise idea, staying a week in one place doesn't cut it in my opinion...

And here's why....

1. This is a cruise thread.

2. The flex you get with a cruise especially for a group is unbelievable. The ship itself has many activities going on at all times of the day and night. Food of all types including ice cream and pizza is available around the clock. This enables people to do what they want when they want. These activities are prearranged and you can just walk to need for a designated driver..No need to ask the concierge where we can go for a good's all right there...

3. You can have your own private balcony on the ocean and then when the ship docks you can enjoy a different beach, club, bar, shopping etc in a different Country every time (at least 3 or 4 times on a 7 day cruise) and when you're not in port you have a relaxing "at sea day" where you are in the middle of the ocean with pools, spa, gym, games, choose from...At sea day's rock!!

4. Your room, while small is cleaned twice a day with 24 hour room service at no extra charge. Your three or four course dinner in the dining room allows you to order as much as you evident by OI's six scoops of ice cream. What hotel restaurant will do that?

5. Cheryl and I have been on over a dozen cruises many of them 14 day cruises and are always sad when they end because they are truly, in my opinion one of the most relaxing ways to spend a vacation...

We've been to Puerto Vallarta twice not sure what we'd do there for a week....

I'm just sayin...:wink2:


I would absolutely love to go on II but it's not going to happen next year. And since Klien has already hijacked the thread, I'm out.:angry:


Für Meno :)
So sorry Klein...

I'm just sayin...:wink2:
Tony, I only made the suggestion, because not sure if an anual bc cruise vacation will work, and thought why not just have an anual BC vacation instead.
Could be cruises, or adventure trips (Gap), or those 7 day tours to Europe, etc.

Not sure which all inclusive resorts you been to. But they have all that, too.
Sportsbar and disco open till 5am, with fastfood such as hotdogs, pizza, nachos.
Soft icecream machines were in every bar and resturant. You can pig out whenever you want. They had atleast 5 of them thru out the resort.
I counted 8 bars (drinking places). Not including the 5 restaurants that also serve booze.

Also had a gym, pool and fussball tables, darts, 4 pools, a spa ($), and wifi service. Daily room service too.
All you can eat all day long, too. From 6:30 am breakfast to 11pm at night, for all food.
And if you like to drink and smoke everywhere. Resorts are good that way.

And, I do admit, Vallarta has less to offer then Cancun (excusion wise).
But, the price was sure right, and just a 5hr direct flight away.

Sorry, to have suggested something different.
I won`t repley to this thread any longer, so the plans for the next cruise can start from here.

But, good advice is to sail out of Ft Lauderdale next time. Much easier, airport to port, cheaper hotels, too.


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C'mon people, Klein made a great suggestion based on his experience. How 'bout we just thank him?

I, however am a "cruise person", and would rather cruise!


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I am out as I have 1/2 of a wedding to pay for in 2011.

I do like Klein's idea but would like to tweak it just a bit. I suggest we play Brown Cafe Survivor. We airlift 20-25 of the more active BC members on to an island for a week where they participate in challenges, form tribes, and one by one get voted off the island. Tony and Cheryl would share the duties of Jeff Probst.

We could also scale it down and send Tieguy and his ever-expanding ignore list to an island for a week in which Tie would have to form an alliance with at least one member in order to "survive".

I guess I've had a little too much coffee this morning.:wink2:


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I really want to go on an Alaska cruise, but those are kinda pricey. I'm saving my pennies though.