Brown's response to economic downturns

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    I have not been with the company long enough to compare their response to this economic downturn to others that have happened in the past. I don't mean this to be a debate on the size/scope/definition of what is happening in the economy now versus the past. Rather, UPS's response to an economic contraction. What we know for sure: They are ending some 1da sorts around the country (dfw, coe, and joliet???).
    When IT professionals were in the demand (late 90s), they were made managers just to pay them enough. Now, they are trying to reduce those numbers.
    Benefits prices are going up. Projects are being canceled. Budgets are being cut across the board. "global workforce" is the buzzword for moving jobs to India, Russia, and other countries.
    How much of this is for the public/stockholder? I have always regretted UPS going public because we seem to worry about the next quarter more then the next decade. So what was UPS's response during the past recessions....early 80's, 75 oil crisis, etc. Were there layoffs? Closing of hubs, consolidations of districts? etc? to the extent we are seeing today?
  2. But Benefits Are Great!

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    All of it.

    The purpose of a public company is to make a profit for the shareholders. This is not my take, not my opinion - this is just the way it is.

    The business (actual work) employees, everything else, is secondary.

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    I only started in '95 so I wasn't around during Bush the First's recession in '91. Every company goes through this in their own way. UPS's profit is tied to the economy so I can understand some closings and layoffs.

    But, UPS is quick to hire and expand when the economy grows, so that is why I wouldnt be to worried. After the strike would be a good example. We cut our own throats to get more FT jobs for the part timers. It took many many years for us to recover volume to pre-strike levels. Now all these 22.3 jobs are being dismantled all over the place and we have no way to stop them.

    Its a roller coaster ride and we have to accept that in this industry. The jobs will be back. The economy will be back.

    Side note: Growing up with religeous parents, They have told me at least 3 times that the world was going to end. Each time they were wrong. Don't believe all these newspaper headlines and naysayers. Just hope you are not the fat that gets trimmed off in January and keep moving the packages.
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    -Less (or none) car washing
    -New info notices (once again!) that require less ink to print
    -Stalling, or flat out refusing, to order new uniforms for drivers
    -Cancelling 22.3s
    -Not filling vacant 22.3s and full-time driver positions

    These are some of the things I'm seeing as UPS's response to the economy. Things aren't so bad where I live but our center is cutting costs none the less.
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    The flavor of the month in our center is reducing miles. They have a chart that they ask us to fill out daily which shows the target miles for our area and we are asked to write down our actual miles for that day. I have no problem with this except for the fact that my target miles vary from day to day but my dispatch does not. My target has ranged from 45 to 60 miles--I normally average 48-52. We are supposed to write down possible reasons if we exceed our target for that day (misloads, helping out another driver, etc). I was over by 2 miles one day and had a 1/2 hour ODS "conversation" with the OMS regarding the overage. I put $1 in her inbox to cover my excess miles costs for that day--she failed to see the humor.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    This sounds like harrassment to me and a waste of time. Everything you write down is on the computer for them to see. What kind of discipline are they going to inflict because your miles are off by 5? Are you going to stop at your target miles and then call for a tow? or ask permission to exceed and deliver your last 10 stops? Plus, there are a lot of 1/4 mile driveways in my area. Am I too walk them off so my odometer doesn't move and blow 10-15 minutes? Drivers go out and get the job done. Period. Just another micromanagement BS to deal with.

    :anxious:WATCH - Someone is going to get pressured and will falsify his odometer and get fired - WATCH:anxious:
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    Have you thought about driving backwards to take off the miles? :peaceful:
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    Back in 91, I was a exception airdriver, I saw less work than normal. But that is the way its always been .....either feast or famine as I like to call it.

    Seeing how they already have most of the clerical staff doing 8 & out each day, along with all the 22.3's I don't see how they can cut them any farther.
    After peak I can see the downtown Boston drivers being cut, & having those drivers bumping others; most would try for inside/inside jobs to avoid taking the split payrates for inside/outs.
    Plus this is the time of year when people retire, had many last year don't know how many this year, but definitely not enough to offset any layoffs.
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    I would call and ask this every day!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    All I can say is thank God for seniority! Just some peace of mind knowing you can provide for your family during these tough times. We see it everyday on the front lines of companys cutting jobs. How many of you are asked almost everyday UPS hiring??
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    Come on now bud, back only as far as necessary!
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    Seniority is great if you're towards the top of the list. The more you have, the less you have to worry. But remember, every person who gets laid off puts you closer to the bottom.
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    the great down turns of the past are no indication of what will be coming for next year. been around when most of the current driving force were still using diapers.

    carter era was the worst in my opinion. when you could get a loan, you would be expected to pay 23+ % on a home loan.

    what makes this one worse, and more subject to layoffs is that we went public, so we cant take care of just ups(ers) who where 100% of the stock holders, but now we have to take care of the stockholders that dont have a clue about the ups culture and past. and they dont care, all they want is the return on investment.

    we also have taken on a whole series of management level jobs. they actually dont actually move things, they just tell everybody else what they need to do, and how to do it better. and with the ceo mindset of a few years back, people that actually did the work were not as valuable as the engineers that planned and directed the dance. and the person that keeps track of the package where abouts is more important than the actual delivery of the package.

    so it will be interesting how "across the board" the cuts will be.

    consolidation and retirement options are not going to be enough.

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    Bueller? Bueller?
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    What'd I do?

    You killed the car!!!!
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    Our center hasn't seemed to be getting on our backs too much about miles and things. I mean, we'll have a PCM here or there about it but, no cracking down. We have two people retiring before the end of the year, and my center manager told me that he doesn't know if he'll be able to replace even one of them in a FT position before April maybe... I sure hope it's sooner than that. Even if I'm not one of the ones they make FT it will most likely make me top cover driver.

    Any other things you guys know of that are being cracked down on?
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    Im only working on year 3 but.....
    I think UPS has planned for the future, theyre getting rid of the old fuel guzzling 747s and replaced with new 400s.
    Theyve built air hubs in Shanghai and Guangzhou.
    Expanding contracts out for USPS/DHL.
    Cutting cost throughout operations, more effecient operations (in theory atleast)

    Think of it UPS 101 years old, gone through reccessions, depressions and wars Big Brown will roll on.
  18. NaiveRapture

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    Hah yeah, but I think they have said the same things about other large companies that have been around a while... and some of them are in the toilet right now!!!
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    As a company, one of our biggest times of growth was during the great depression. This was the time when as a company we went from one coast to another.

    We will continue as a company to prevail. As somebody said earlier, this will result in some contraction, reducing redundant parts of the company, consolidation of Districts and Regions that we've already seen, and unfortunately cutting back on staffing and hours.

    The brown truck will continue to roll on, it might be a little dirty in the process because of the cost cutting, but we will continue to deliver.
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    I belive they are gonna consolidate. hubs with 3 centers or more and reduce on roads and cms.