Build America Investment Initiative Encourages Vital Transportation Infrastructure Projects

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    Everyday Americans and businesses like UPS will benefit from expanded use of private-public partnerships and innovative transportation financing measures

    Transportation infrastructure serves as the backbone of UPS's delivery network, connecting thousands of customers, suppliers, and small businesses every day. Investing in that infrastructure is critical to continued economic growth and maintain the safety and performance of our roads, bridges, shipyards, airports and railroads. President Obama's launch of the Build America Investment Initiative is a bold step in expanding private businesses and the federal government's role in transportation infrastructure. UPS supports the Administration's creation of programs designed to jumpstart the funding and construction of these important infrastructure projects.

    "Public-private partnerships and the use of innovative transportation infrastructure financing tools, along with expanded collaboration at the state and local levels, represent some of the key ways in which economically and socially advantageous infrastructure projects will go from concept to construction," said Laura Lane, UPS president of global public affairs. "The Administration's new Build America Investment Initiative encourages proven financing policies and programs that will deliver economic growth and stronger communities. However, Congress must also now act to pass legislation funding our nation's transportation infrastructure network. The state of our roads, bridges, seaports, airports and railroads greatly impacts our global competitiveness, and we need transportation solutions that work to keep America competitive."