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    What's the craziest bulk stop you've ever gotten? (just out of curiosity). The biggest bulk stop i've ever gotten was a 1200 computer piece. (which was an utter nightmare). 100 pieces of air, and 1100 pieces of ground. They sent it down the line, where it came down for the next 3 in half hours. Management 'assumed' it could all fit in a 20 ft car. Boy were they wrong or what! After it came down the line, and stacked out to wahzoo. They realized the best choice was to send it back to the unload, and into a feeder trailer. That was the best decision seeing as it took 2 in half trailers to fill the entire thing. Keep in mind these boxes were 3 by 3. (on the larger side for sure).

    My driver will never forget that day either, his look was sheer terror, and boy was it priceless. Hahaha.
  2. menotyou

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    That sounds like the one we got for Drum. They had to call and get permission for our feeder driver to drop it.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our mall driver had 265 for Shoe Dept last Friday.
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    Then you should've let menotyou know there was probably going to be a SHOE SALE !!! :happy-very:
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    In preload, I've never had anything -that- massive. But a few weeks ago I did go help to load up a box truck with 3xx pieces for Pottery Barn. They were only expecting 30-something that day (forecast sheet).

    Personally, I did get 140 or so packages for a Harley Davidson dealer earlier in the year. It required it's own car.
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    We have stops here (ex. Pottery Barn), that are loaded on a trailer. A Feeder guy will take it to the mall and meet the Package guy. Feeder guy is responsible for taking the pallets off the trailer via the trailers lift. The Package guy is responsible for taking the pallets into the mall and delivering. Each guy has a pallet jack.

    Think your package car is full? Remember you also have to deliver ten skids off a trailer!
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    2500 pieces, loaded in a 24 footer. One stop. Biggest account in RI. ALL INTERNATIONALS.
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    The post office EVERYDAY!!!!!
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    Post offices last peak season were a sight to behold. I made several PO deliveries of close to 300 packages during peak last year.
  10. kingOFchester

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    1 post office, 2 trips gone.
  11. barnyard

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    This morning, I heard the supes talking about putting 1 of the mall stores in it's own trailer. Currently, the mall is delivered by a guy in a p1000 and another with a 45 foot trailer. The talk was to deliver the 1 stop out of a regular trailer, come back, pick up the 45 and deliver out of that.
  12. CAFAL

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    Our one post office was getting 1000 pcs a day during peak last year. Feeder delivery
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    1150 next day savers from hong kong yesterday. iPhone 5 accessories.