Bullets Fired at UPS Truck in Newport News

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsdude, Jul 18, 2005.

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    A UPS driver escaped serious injuries after officials say a suspect approached his delivery truck and riddled it with gunfire Monday afternoon.

    Officials say it was around 1:38pm as the UPS driver was making a delivery in the 500 block of Randolph Road in Newport News when the suspect approached the truck from the front and fired numerous shots.

    The driver was not struck by the gunfire, but did suffer a minor injury while trying to get out of the truck.

    The suspect in the shooting is described as a black male, 5'6" tall, weighing 200+ pounds. He was last seen wearing a red ball cap and a white shirt. Authorities think he left the scene in a maroon, 1990's model Nissan.

    Police say it appears all but one of the gunshots hit the hood area of the truck and the other shot went through the passenger side windshield.

    Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call the Crimeline at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

    This driver is out of my center. As further details are learned I'll post them here.
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    It's always a fear I have of running into a real nut case. I've had a number of people answer the door and the first thing I saw was the barrel of a gun. The last time I was robbed, the guy was pretty cool so it wasn't too scary. 10:30 in the morning on a busy street. I just gave him what he wanted, a set of racing heads worth $7,000, and told him I'd just lock myself in the cargo area while he loaded up a left. Funny how you tend to call a guy with a gun to your head SIR! Glad it all worked out for your guy and he's ok. We are always at risk out there.
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    Help me understand how the robber knew the high dollar racing heads were on your truck unless he ordered them and tracked the package (and didn't feel like paying for them).
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    WOW!!! you are one smart pony.
  5. trickpony1

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    It takes some smarts to learn all my tricks.
    Why wasn't our famous LP department all over this?

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    Our famous LP department couldnt find its way home even with a map and GPS.

    Not been that long ago I got a package that was over labled and brought it back to the building. This was a computer system.

    After about two weeks I was told it had been checked out, the delivery was good, so I delivered it. Two weeks later, same MO, and over labled it was obvious. 16 cases of amunition going to the same house. I took it in again. NExt day, lp gave it back and told me to deliver it. I refused, and told him if he wanted it delivered, he would have to do it himself. He even told me that the customer was expecting the package and needed it.

    Long story short version, the people that lived in the house had a son working in Atlanta at the over goods area. Anything he wanted or looked good to him he either sent home or to several of his friends in the area.

    Never even got a thankyou from the management team for that one. I guess if they had, it would have been an admission of guilt on their part.

    I have caught thieves in our system overlableing four time in my years. The one I hated most was one of our own clerks in the building. But the thought of her trying to use me to steal from UPS was just too much.

    Glad the driver was ok. WE had one of ours had a cement block tossed into the cab from an overhead bridge while she was on her way back to the building on the interstate. She was very lucky also.

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    LP? Most of the time they are doing "check in audits"-The things that our immediate sups are supposed to do. Everytime we see them at our center , we call it job justification day.
  8. wily_old_vet

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    Danny-Iassuming you received the $5000 rewards for turning these people in.
  9. upsdude

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    All of the drivers were left to believe our coworker had been shot as we left work last night. Even though what happened was bad enough, there is no excuse for the company not telling us the truth and leaving us to think the worst. There is also no excuse for not letting those of us working close by know what had happened and providing a description of the suspect. How many times have you been approached by a person on the street? How many times have you experienced a motorist pulling over in front of you and stopping to ask a question? It would be nice to know that a maroon Nissan had been involved in firing shots at a UPS truck. Safety First.
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    $100 one time and $75 one other time. The $5000 is only if you catch someone of Mike's stature stealing from the company. And I am sure there are better ways of skimming when you get to that level.

    As for the information, I agree with you. They should have sent a message that stated he was OK, and if you see someone matching the crook or the car, call in or dial 911. Since the vast majority of drivers now carry cells, it could have been so easy to catch this bastard.

    Could have been his wife/girlfriend got pissed and told him she was sleeping with the UPS man? Will not have been the first time a woman has used us for personal reasons.

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    Heres the deal.

    About 3 weeks ago a fairly new driver was invited into an apartment for lets call it a thrill ride. As the coaster was beginning to stop the females significant other came through the door. The driver made a quick exit and drove away. The significant other then called UPS and said he was assaulted by one of our drivers in his home. He wanted the drivers name and address so he could obtain a warrant for Assault. At this point management took over and the driver was terminated on area.

    Fast forward to yesterday. As (Ill call him Bob) Bob was making deliveries in the same general area yesterday the significant other thought he was the guy messing with his girlfriend and started shooting. Bob is ok and will probably be back to work soon.

    I talked to a FredEx guy today that said they were all informed of the situation yesterday afternoon via text message. They were given a vehicle description and a description of the suspect. One of their drivers came up on the scene shortly after it happened and called his boss who in turn warned all of their drivers. I guess Safety First must be the real deal at FedEx.

    I do hope that the terminated drivers panel hearing ends with a 6-0 vote to uphold the termination.
  12. trickpony1

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    If the driver was on meal the termination may not stick.
  13. upsdude

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    If the driver was on meal the termination may not stick.

    He does claim to have been on a break, Id say he was. One huge problem is his being accused of assault. The assault was his pushing the male out of the way as he left the apartment.
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    I once heard a term used for firing drivers "Action unbecoming of a UPS driver" or something simular to that.So if he was doing something that "embaresses" UPS while on break or not I don't think he will win that one.That's if he beats the assault charge.Also I'm told not to enter a custamers door,to leave it at the entrance and isn't that a national policy.
  15. dannyboy

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    There is no such thing as a termination for conduct unbecoming.

    As for the assault, there are a lot of mitigating factors. If the driver had reasonable cause to fear for his life (Duh, shagging someone elses and the someone else walks in) and in the process brushed by the guy and the contact was incidental in the act of exiting the doorway (which the guy was probably blocking) then assault would be hard to prove. And in this country he is inocent until proven guilty.

    But on the other hand, having sex while in the uniform and on road is frowned upon. Not allways a dischargable offence though. Lot of different things to think about when judging this one.

    Although the driver showed poor lack of judgement skills, the shooting is 100% the responsibility of the shooter. Period. So keep the two issues separate.

  16. upsdude

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    "Although the driver showed poor lack of judgement skills, the shooting is 100% the responsibility of the shooter. Period. So keep the two issues separate."

    I agree danny, unfortunately my post didnt place shooting blame on the correct person.
  17. upsdude

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    "Although the driver showed poor lack of judgement skills, the shooting is 100% the responsibility of the shooter. Period. So keep the two issues separate."

    I agree danny, unfortunately my post didnt place shooting blame on the correct person.
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    "There is no such thing as a termination for conduct unbecoming"
    I didn't think it was true or would stick,just I have heard that term thrown around by UPS managment before.

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  19. wily_old_vet

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    And the shame of it is is that "Bob" wasn't even the beneficiary of the affection and got shot at anyway.
  20. ok2bclever

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    I have seen many a supervisor fired (or should I say they resigned shortly thereafter for personal reasons) for "conduct unbecoming".

    Adultery and assault are both serious violations while in uniform, even while on break.

    It will take the grievance procedure to investigate the specific circumstances.

    It could go either way.

    This is just another example that you should neither drive, nor ride without your seatbelt.