Bumping Bid Route Drivers???

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    Our center has a few bid route drivers who have less seniority than some of the on call coverage drivers. Are there any situations that would allow these bid drivers to be bumped off of their routes by those who are on call coverage? Also, if so, would they have their choice of route to bump or have to bump the lowest seniority of those bid drivers?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Nope. These higher seniority drivers had the chance to bid one of those routes but chose to bid cover instead.
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    This. I even had a guy once try to bump me off of a temp bid and I went apesh_t. A bid route is a bid route.
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    What's an on call coverage driver? Are you seasonal, on call, or permanent utility driver?
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    Bid drivers are guaranteed their work, on calls are not guaranteed a driving job. We have a 20 year coverage driver, because the rtes he wants has not come up yet, and would not work if no work is available for coverage drivers, but that never happens.
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    So that means he would rather no pension funding for each day not worked. His pension isn't going to be even the avg payout
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    Bid on a route
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    He is bid cover. His pension will be just fine as long as he gets the minimum hours in per year. Ours is only 1000---not too hard to work 1000 hours per year.
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    This has already been covered.

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    Believe here, it is based on yearly hours,1801, that would be taking 5+ weeks off unpaid, but there always work for him.
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    I believe the way the language is on this....

    A high seniority cover driver can bump a bid driver off his route, only if there are no unassigned routes available.

    IOW, the high seniority driver would have to 1st bump a lower seniority driver off either an unassigned route or a vacation route before being able to bump a bid guy.

    I have seen it happen in a neighboring center. A rural route was converted to a remote route. No one wanted it, so it was forced on the lowest driver in the building. 4 months later, it was moved back to the building, but not rebid. So the lowest seniority driver in the center has that route.

    In the winter, when no one is on vacation and volume is low, he is bumped off his route for 2-3 months until vacation start or volume picks up. At that building, it will probably be a few years until that driver is not bumped off the route in Feb-April.

    So, it can be done, but it is generally rare.
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    What if a bid driver is on training route and his route is being used for training. Can he bump a lower bid driver or does he have to go to cover?
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  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you bid a training route, they can put you wherever if they are training someone.
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    That's what our language says (WAD) but our building past practice is that the displaced driver can use his seniority to cover any open area that they are qualified to cover.
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    They so rarely use it, it's a joke.
    Depends if you are one of the company suck ups or not.
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    Correct. But they have to designate the 30 days driver they are using that training route for. They cannot train more than one driver on that training route once the 30 days begins. We had a situation a few months ago where the trainee was not working that day, and they tried to put another trainee on the route. Bid driver went Bat:censored3:. Once the 30 days of training is up they can start the process again with another trainee. But they cannot interrupt the 30 days by deciding today the designated trainee isn't working so now this trainee is doing it