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    I remember the days when management at our station used to give out turkeys to each employee for the Thanksgiving holiday. I felt that was a nice touch, a pad on the back for a job well-done, a special token of appreciation. But since a few years back, we don't even get a "happy thanksgiving" wish. Im not exaggerating. Is it just us or all others stations also feeling the ax...? What a cheap company this has turned out to be.

    BTW, Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to everyone!!!
  2. Johney

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    FedEx is following in the steps of UPS as far as cut backs.We use to get turkeys,TL&A's were the sup bought lunch(sometimes for up to four drivers)After work meetings(for entire center) at local pizza joints with pitchers of beer. All gone never to be seen again. So wait my FedEx friend you have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as cutbacks go.:wink2:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also.
  3. STFXG

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    Turkey dogs were on sale for a dollar a pack... Thanksgiving BBQ!
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    Gave out Turkeys here......
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    We had breakfast from Bob Evans.
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    The only thing we were given is more work. 20+ people UNDER staffed. 11-12 hour days. All the OT you can shake a ppad at. Planning on sleeping the long weekend away. Keep the turkey, just give me my life back.
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    I've NEVER gotten a turkey for Thanksgiving.....3 stations in 3 states.
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    I can attest that you have come to the right place if you are looking for a "Bunch of Turkeys".
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    The only thing I got for thanksgiving was a much larger delivery area today, plus the inevitable sliding clear message!
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    We were supposed to bring a turkey to work to give to charity..... NOT


    We had a silent auction for some lame gift baskets and the money goes to UW. I wrote my bid in as a negative $20 and signed it as courier with no hours to pay for this.


    Hahaha good one, I love it
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    We had 8 folk call out today ... didn't care about getting paid for Thanksgiving.

    We all planned on using a "PH" to make up for it anyway.

    Now that felt good.
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    My friend works at FedEx in the DFW area, she told me she saw this, so now I know who you are without knowing who you are O.-
  15. 59 Dano

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    In all honesty, this is what we'd hear on this board if they gave out turkeys, "Who do they think we are? They're trying to buy us off with a turkey!!! Yeah sure, that will make us forget that we're being screwed."


    In all honesty, I disagree. The point here is the company keeps cutting back, giving us less and less, while asking for more and more. All these while treating us like voiceless slaves at the same time. Did Fedex care what a few couriers might say when the little perk was implemented? Of course not. As a matter of fact, the negative comments began when the small token of appreciation magically dissapeared. That's also true with the traditional pension plan, the medical insurance, the Bravo Zulus, the $ payouts, the Employee of the Month award, the X-mas party, the company picnics, etc, etc, etc.


    PM me and we can compare notes..lol And they took my sheet off right after I did it..lol
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    I don't frequent this site much, just saw the 'notification'.