Burgess Owens.. retired NFL Great and Author


Well-Known Member
"Liberalism or How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies, and Wimps" (2016)
His latest book " Why I Stand -- From Freedom To The Killing Fields Of Socialism

Quotes from Owens:

''First of all let's understand who Colin is, he is a socialist , he is a Marxist. Unfortunately, as wealthy as he has become, $12 million a year, he has the audacity to tell young people, the ones that look up to him,that America is a place that is racist, is a place that oppressed the black and brown people, that is how this whole thing started. So I don't know exactly what that commercial is all about, the dream, because he's stealing young people's dreams every single day he stands up."

"Here is the thing you have to understand, 30% of black americans feel the same way I do, having a deep seated belief in conservative values, and those that voted for the other side. What's happening now is 15% black Americans were for a candidate Trump, 36% are now for President Trump. Why? Because we're waking up.''

"The percentage of men committed to marriage, the percentage of men in business ownership and also education. I was part of that, I grew up in heavy segregation, Jim Crow, KKK. But we were taught to be proud of ourselves, to win, beat racism by winning over it, working hard. In those days you would not have the same stereotype of black men because today black men, 70% of them don't have a father, and believe it or not in the black community, nine percent are killed by black men."

''So I can only put myself in that situation, from where I grew up, I would stand strongly and I would fight, very simply, three things that I would live and die for, my family, my god and my country."

" The Left believes in cowards ."

This man is racist according to many BC quotes .