burning question.

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  1. whyask

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    Why am I being trained to do Overgoods by a supervisor who doesn't know anything about overgoods only because she needs someone to fill in while the current overgoods clerks are on vacation? And my I add improperly trained.
  2. TearsInRain

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    what do you care, work as instructed or put in your letter
  3. Baba gounj

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    Take your sweet time and slowly rack up some hours.
    Always claim that the system is not responding to what the sup. trained you on, and that you need the extra time to do things right.
  4. packageguy

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    I think you know what to do. Just work as directed, when the problems start let them know who trained you. lol
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Why are most of us trained from men/women who couldn't do the job so then switched over the management?

    I like this quote but forget who i stole it from:

    "Those who can do, those who can't go into management."
  6. Anonymous 10

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    Because logistically it just makes sence. I love logistics so should you. You need to become one with the logistics so you can think logistically.
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    What burns my butt is a flame about three feet high!
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    How do you know she doesn't know if you don't know???
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    90% humidity and 90+ degree weather burns my butt.
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    A midget with a cigar burns my butt:cigarsmoker: