Bush Plays the Hitler Card


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Pat Buchanan, speaks again and holds nothing back.


Looking at our past hsitory of political leaders, one must ask, who is steering foreign policy these days when it concerns this region of the world and why such a dramatic shift from past practice? Why is it that the folks who rocked our world on 9/11 are in the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan enjoying life if you will while we seem so concerned about specific nations who have no direct connections to the events of 9/11? And in the case of Iran, the very leaders of the 9/11 attacks have publically attacked and condemned them almost to the same fate as they would to the west.

How can this be? What are we missing or are we just to afraid to look?

Bad Gas!

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Keep beliveing that coolant sister if you want...I believe there is world terror out there and they hate us...That said, I am tired of the wars for sure..