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  1. bad company

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    I was recently approached by a B.D. Manager about putting my letter in and going the sales route instead of your typical operations management route. I have no desire to go into operations management.

    I'm familiar with the MAPP process for operations, but do not know too much about going the sales route.

    Does anybody have any more information and know how the pay scale works if you are transitioning from a FT Driver? Does a FT driver go straight into an Account Executive position or to the entry level SSR?

    If one starts out at SSR, I would imagine that a FT driver at top pay would be taking a good pay cut to be an SSR, so what's the incentive?
  2. scratch

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    The incentive is you can go home at a much earlier time and not have to work so hard.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You also get to wear a nice suit and will know everyone at your local Starbuck's by their first names.

    Oh, yeah, every once in a while you have to actually go see a customer.
  4. Anonymous 10

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    You can call your customers about 3 weeks later than you gave them your word to call the next day and when there is two great football games like yesterday you can spend all of monday and tuesday talking to your buddies about it.
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    you may want B.D. but, you'll end up on preload
  6. Old International

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    The perks? You aren't in the rain delivering packages, and quitting time is the same every day. The downside? Your job could disappear tomorrow, or you find out that your new sales area is Nome, Alasaka, and they want you there yesterday........