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    If you have a C.O.D. for say, $100.49, and the customer has a money order ready for $100.50(more than the amount), how do you record it in the board? When I was trained years ago, I was told to enter it as $100.49 and anything more would be credited to the persons account. We've had several issues pop up now in other areas that are getting drivers in trouble when they were trained incorrectly. What would happen if you put it in as $100.50 and said yes when it prompted that totals weren't equal? Is that ok to do or does the person have to go buy another money order?
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    You record the exact amount of the check. If its over you will have to confirm check > amount when you try to punch out. Everything you turn in should match your delivery records exactly. And if you enter the amount of the COD instead of the check the bank charges UPS a fee to reconcile the discrepancy. Also, I have had situations when accounting lost checks and if your records don't match your turn in exactly its more difficult for you to prove what you turned in.
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    You should put in $100.50, other wise it could be considered as "falsifying documents". I always put the amount that was given.
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    When the check is forwarded to the shipper they will credit the customer the difference for the amount over and the next time the purchase something it will be that much less. At least this has been my experience from what customers have shared with me.
  5. When I was trained, we were told not to accept anything other than requested amount. Our manager has also made it clear to ONLY accept exact amount.

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    You can always accept checks for greater than the required amount. The customer just needs to realize the shipper may not credit them with the overage. If its a money order already filled out its very common to have them made out to an even number more than is owed. Consignees frequently do that to be sure it is for enough and not worth their time to get another money order.
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    This is the ideal but if the consignee hands you a money order for more than the COD amount you should go ahead and take it.
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    Trained to do what? Your an unloaded according to other posts. We all know u don't actually work for ups though.
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    Unloaders don't accept COD's in your hub?? Happens all the time in mine, I almost thought it was commonplace
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    I enter in the amount on the check. When questioned by the customer I always tell them I can always take iit for more, but never for less. I've never met a consignee that was worried about the extra penny or dime on the check.

    I have had to collect a check for a penny though.
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    I was instructed just the other day to put in the amount of the check in that case.
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    Enter the amount of the check received. I've entered checks over the collection amount with never a problem. I've taken checks that were short if just the cents were off. Ups charges something like $15 for COD service so if its within a dollar it won't be a problem.
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    When we used to accept cash our turn-in had to be within $1 over or under.
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    I guess it is the BOG. Our cash turn-ins had to be to the penny.
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    You were trained incorrectly, you are to give back correct change but only if the amount totals more than $35.89
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    If the discrepancy is $.99 or less either way then the check or money order will automatically go through the system without triggering a COD error. I type in the amount that is on the COD tag rather than the actual amount of the check, otherwise the DIAD wont let me punch out at the end of the night.

    If the check or money order is short by $1.00 or more then I make the consignee correct the error before I let them have the package. If its certified funds only, and they have a money order or certified check that is only a buck or two short of the required amount, then I will go ahead let them write a personal check for the difference. Yes, I know this is technically against the rules but if their personal check bounces then I am only on the hook for a dollar so its not like there are any real consequences for me to worry about.

    If the check or money order is a buck or more too much, I let the consignee decide what they want to do about it. Usually, they just want their package and if the amount of the discrepancy is small enough it isnt worth their time or mine to screw around with driving down to the bank trying to cancel the original money order and replace it with a new one. Just as with a shortage, I enter the correct COD amount in the DIAD rather than the actual amount of the check(s) that I am collecting. The bottom line... is that paying me $45 an hour on OT to make a second delivery attempt on a package in order to avoid a measly $1 or $2 discrepancy does not make good business sense and it does not benefit the customer.
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    Since when was it part of our jobs to make sense of things?
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    It has been part of my job for the last 26 years.
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    i have no problem taking a money order for more than the amount * i enter the actual amount of the MO, then just answer the 2 overage prompts and be on my way * the Mexicans quite often will round up to the next even dollar amount * and let me hasten to add they almost always have the MO ready on day 1 :happy-very:

    we were told years ago we could accept a MO order for less than the COD amount, if the difference was less than a dollar
    the cost of having a send again pkg. would offset the small loss

    this happens very rarely, but when it does, i enter the actual amount of the MO, go to pkg. screen and change the COD amount in the diad to match the MO, then I cut the label from the pkg. and write on the label - changed COD amount to match MO- place the label in the turn-in envelope along with the check

    have never had a COD discrepancy using this procedure
    actually, have never had a turn-in error at all
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    My job is a lot easier than yours.