Ca drivers to take lunch and breaks period.

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by matt, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. matt

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    California drivers will be forced to take a lunch between 4th and 6th hours, am break, pm break, and 30 minute unpaid break after ten hours. You didn't think it could get any better. LOL
  2. 15yearbrn

    15yearbrn Guest

    Everbody looses (customers, drivers, and stock holders).
  3. brown39

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    In crazy Calif. who will notice ??? Probably give all the candidates more time to campaign. I think these areas are covered in the CONTRACT, which if I remember correctly is AGREED UPON by BOTH sides. So what is the problem ?
  4. kidlogic

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    You should be taking those breaks and lunches then. What good does it do for your body to take lunch at the end of the day??? The 30 minute unpaid break thing seems odd, but the rest is right on.

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  5. 15yearbrn

    15yearbrn Guest

    I was working 9 ot 5 and had a family life, got paid 8 plus bonus 1/2 hr. It worked for me. I'll see the family on the weekends now , I guess I was lucky. Now I'll be counting my overtime money on Saturdays LOL.
  6. sendagain

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    I'm in California and nobody is forcing us to do any of those things. They ought to let the drivers alone to deliver as they seem fit. I have two blocks of apartments which I don't want to deliver during rush hour or darkness. I skip breaks to make sure those stops are off the truck and I don't have to block a busy street. It's much more difficult to deliver at night, and that is another reason to get the work done. I've found that the guys who take all their breaks have lower production than the guys who would rather finish the work.
  7. upsdude

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    A medical condition almost demands that I take my breaks a little differently. I take a 15-minute lunch between 1030 and 1100. I take another 15-minute meal break between 330 and 400. The remaining 30 minutes is taken at the end of the day. The 10-minute paid break is used up talking to folks here and there along my route. Before any of you guys freak out, my supervisor is fully aware of how I spread out MY mealtime.
  8. deliver_man

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    I've found that the guys who take all their breaks have lower production than the guys who would rather finish the work.
    And how do you measure production? Stops per on road hour? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that somone who skips their break will have a higher SPORH than someone who takes their breaks, even if both work at the same pace.
  9. tieguy

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    30 minutes after 10 mandated by California law. You gotta love it.
  10. sweatyguy

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    Government...Save Us!!!
  11. rushfan

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    If my hour lunch is unpaid, I'm sure not going to donate an hour of work.
  12. djg

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    Has any driver been denied full time status based solely on low SPORH or high over allowed? Please verify if you beleive these numbers and have seen a formula to prove this calculations.