Calculating minutes on a paycheck

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bleujade, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Ok, I'm so confused! I'm trying to calculate my hours that I wrote down from what's on my check.
    By my writedown of my hours I got 18.5
    Here is a breakdown of what I got after I clocked out and my start time is 6pm:
    Mon: 23:38=11:38 ; Tues: 00:03=12:03; Wed:21:36=9:36; Th:20:46=8:46; Fri: Holiday
    Now my check reads like this:
    Regular: 16.30
    Overtime: 1.68
    Holiday: 4.00
    Guaranteed: .85
    Total Hours worked: 17.98
    Now since I don't know how UPS calculate the minutes, I brought everything to the exact 30 minutes i.e 23:38 will be 23:30. And after I add that up I have the total of 18.5 hours (not including the other minutes).
    Can someone please break it down for me. I don't think I'm missing time on this check but want to make sure I'm not either!
    Thanks! :happy-very:
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    Didn't we go through this once before? Sounds familiar.