California drivers....the one hour lunch is back for peak!!! Yea!

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    PCM'd this week that on Monday all drivers will have to take a hour lunch again. I thought there was a permanent posting for California that said no driver will be required to take more than a half hour unless they desired to?
    Well the BA was called and the contract says different. So at managements discretion the "whole" center either has to take an hour or just 30min.
    Boy with the level of animosity as it is do they really think that many drivers are gonna kill themselves absorbing a half hour more of down time?
    Not this Mexican.
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    i wonder if this will be implemented here(nevada). i guess were in so cal district now, but were still only forced to take/punch out 30 min.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do they stilll freeze the DIADs to make sure everyone takes their lunch? If so, will they freeze them for 30 min or 1 hour?
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    I don't like the hour lunch because UPS obtains many hours of free labor from drivers who skip their lunch because they don't want to punch out after 9 PM every night..and in this case I cant blame them. You punch out at 530 while running your lunch and your an idiot. You punch out at 830 with only half a lunch and I call you human. UPS knows this and they prey on us like sick animals. Its 8 PM and you're going to make me sit at the building for an hour? Give me a freaking break!!!
  5. cosmictrucker

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    I was "talked" to by a Sup the other day because I failed to log all of my "meal". I was under by 3 minutes... They are serious about this.
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    We must take our 1 hour lunch and 10 min. break everyday or the next day a sup wants to talk to you. In feeders I used to extend my meal period for extra nap or errands, but that is not allowed anymore. In the past we used to have breakfast get togethers at truckstops or diners of up to 15 feeder drivers from different centers. The feeder loads were cold or the sort was closed so there was no rush to get the loads back, and some of the drivers would extend their meal period. It was logged as off duty time. But now, most of the old timers have retired, and the new drivers don't run a cb radio or don't stop for breaks.
  7. soberups

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    From the Western Region-Joint Council #37 Package Rider, Art. 1 Sect. 4---Full Time Employee Lunch and Coffee Break--

    "Full time employees shall receive a one (1) hour unpaid lunch period and shall schedule and complete said lunch hour between the fourth (4th) and sixth (6th) hour of work. The Company may require or permit a full-time employee to take a one-half (1/2) hour lunch period, provided the operational needs of the Company are met. Management shall not arbitrarily require employees to take a lunch period which would conflict with the provisions of this article."

    Translation; The employee can decide for himself whether or not to take a 1/2 vs. a full hour lunch as long as service is not negatively affected, and the company cannot arbitrarily force drivers to take a full hour in the hopes that they will skip part of it to get home earlier.

    The intent of the was personally explained to me by a member of the negotiating committee who helped to draft it.....was to ensure that every driver would have the opportunity to take at least a 1/2 hr lunch break in the middle of the day. The intent was to prevent the company from loading up a route with so many businesses that the driver would be forced to take lunch in the evening in order to make service.

    It was not intended to force drivers into taking a full hour. And it was not intended prohibit a driver from taking lunch later in the day if that is his preference and it isnt being done to compensate for an excessive dispatch.

    I normally take my lunch at noon, and I almost always take half an hour. But there have been days where I have gone to a doctor appointment on my lunch hour and had to take it at a time other than specified by the contract. There have also been days where I have taken it at the end of the day so that I could help coach my sons soccer team or see one of his games at a field on my route. Neither of these actions violate the intent of the language.

    There are two seperate issues concerning lunch....whether or not it is taken, and whether or not the employee is fully compensated for all hours worked. The goal of the company has always been to coerce the employee into working thru his lunch while recording a full hour in order to reduce paid hours, with compensation for this free labor supposedly taking place in the form of "bonus".

    I refuse to work for free and I refuse to falsify a timecard. On the rare occasions when personal circumstances have forced me to skip my lunch, my timecard accurately reflects that fact.
  8. If the contract entitles you to an hour lunch, you should be taking it and entering that time into the board. No excuses - you aren't the only UPS driver with a family to get home to, you are causing grief for the real Teamsters who actually support the contract and the union. Not taking your contractual break periods is a statement that declares your punch-out time is more important than the drivers parked next to you in the morning -- that is the definition of selfish. If you are in it for yourself and you would sell the person next to you down the river to get home at 5PM everyday, you have no business being a Teamster...get a withdraw card. End of story.

    Edit -- This wasn't directed at anyone specific. More or less the entire country.
  9. brownmonster

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    You people that have a one hour lunch should get it voted out of your supplement in the next contract. Hour lunches are for office workers. Joe lunch box only needs a 1/2 hour.
  10. soberups

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    MY contract entitles me to CHOOSE whether I wish to take an an hour or a half hour.

    This choice does not affect any other Teamster. It does not affect my planned or my paid day. It does not affect the dispatch, or the number of available Teamster jobs.

    Your anger should be reserved for the people who falsify their timecards by working off of the clock. They are the ones who make it bad for the rest of us.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Whatever the contract says is what should be enforced. Plain and simple. The contract in question is weak on this issue so it allows management to change the requirement at will. Our contract (Southern) is more iron clad and states that we are entitled to, and REQUIRED to take a full hour lunch. The problem though is the idiots that think it doesn't apply to them. Honestly......I wish we were REQUIRED to take 30 minutes but were entitled to a full hour.
  12. Jones

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    This Joe kinda likes his hour. I would like to have the option of not taking my full hour on those days when I want to get home a little earlier, but given the choice of having to take a full hour or only being allowed to take a half hour, I would stay with the full hour.
  13. over9five

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  14. I've never heard of a 30 minute option window in regards to lunch. Our supplement says very clearly that it's 1 hour and to be taken between the 4th and 6th hour. I would estimate 70% of drivers in my area skip their entire lunch and break period and enter both into the board as if they took it. It started out as people not falsifying timecards, skipping their lunch and putting nothing in the board. Management quickly changed this behavior by threatening discipline if these drivers didn't "enter" a lunch in the board, notice how they never say "take your lunch and enter it". Can't wait till UPS gets sued and loses once again, they will never learn, unadulterated greed and tax evasion apparently go hand in hand.
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    Haven't used a DIAD in a few years....But I bet it's possible to program the DIAD in shut down mode while taking lunch, but that wouldn't benefit management of course....In feeders we have an IVIS that actually times our meal breaks. We can't just arbitrairily punch in random times.....If you work thru your lunch hour and randomly punch in the DIAD a lunch break that you never took, that does raise some integrity issues...JMHO
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    California does (or used to) lock their boards between noon and 1.
  17. stevetheupsguy

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    Agreed, and as far as taking my lunch at/between certain hours, I prefer to leave that up to driver discretion.
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    Why is that?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree with Steve--as long as the full lunch and break are taken what difference does it make when they are taken?
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