(california) Speeding ticket in ups vehicle what now??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Cartage man, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Cartage man

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    My buddy got nailed last night 70mph in ups tractor trailer. The speed limit here in california is 55 for commercial trucks with trailers. Will he get in trouble with the company? or not?
  2. Jones

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    Why was he doing 15 mph over the speed limit in a tractor trailer? I hope he does get in trouble.
  3. Old International

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    Thats a four pointer plus the fine. He has to report it to his supervisor, and yes, he will most likely get his fanny in hot water, as well he should.
  4. ikoi62

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    are you sure he is a UPS feeder driver? i have Never seen one go above the speed limit around here,most of the time its a couple mph lower then the limit..:laughing:
  5. pickup

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    When I drove into California from Arizona, many many moons ago with a tractor trailer, the first posted sign I saw for the speed limit was 70 mph ( i believe). 10 seconds of traveling time later, there was another sign that stated 55 for trucks. This pattern kept repeating and I kept missing that second sign for about a half an hour. I finally picked up on this fact when I was traveling at 70 mph for about a 1/2 hour, passing all the tractor trailers in the right lane(who knew better than I did) , who were also unintentionally blocking my seeing the relevant speed limit signs. It kept bothering me that I was passing up guys who could travel at the speed I was traveling and I suspected something was amiss.

    I finally was able to spot the relevant sign and slowed it down but drove about a half hour breaking the speed limit.

    This is the only scenario that a person could break this law without being an intentional speeder. I don't think it is a mistake that California spaces those speed limit signs apart like that. That much being said. There is a big difference( for a commercial truck driver) getting a 14 mph over the speed limit ticket and a 15 mph ticket. The points, monetary fines, and other stakes go up considerably when you exceed the speed limit by 15 mph. The cops know this and often give the offender a speeding ticket of 13 or 14 mph over instead of the one your friend got.

    Now speculation, (which always gets me in trouble on this site), your friend the speeder might have done something to piss off the officer (the one who wrote the ticket) in order to receive the ticket he did. If he played his cards better, he would have walked off with a lesser ticket while the cop still would have had one more ticket towards his quota.
  6. spif91

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    Evidently his tractor didn't get turned down to 67 mph like mine and everyone else's here in Oklahoma..........A better question would be while making 30.85 at triples pay why would I want to drive 15 mph over the speed limit..............LOL
  7. over9five

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    Cruise control is the best way to drive. I always set my tractor to just a lil under the limit.
  8. pickup

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    Do notice that the original posters name has "cartage " in it. Cartage is something I still don't understand
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Cartage is part of Supply Chain Solutions.
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    I guess the term "cartage" confuses me, because in certain parts of the country, that tetrm is synonymous with trucks collecting commercial garbage. To me, the cartage industry and the mafia always went hand in hand with each other.
  11. speedy263

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    I know a driver who drove by the weigh station and the ticket was $427.00
  12. raceanoncr

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    Yeah, it's very possible. We've got some brown trucks turned to 72. Got several mileage runs out of here and all are turned to that.

    It could be that THAT was a mileage run and the driver wanted to "make more money" (I don't understand THIS reasoning when your check is the same whether you go fast or slow), hence, breaking the speed limit.

    It also could be that that was an hourly driver that shares with a mileage driver and still thinks they hafta bust their hump.

    When we first got mileage runs some years ago, one state's speed limint was 75 for trucks so company just turned em all up to run 80-85. One driver got ticket for 82 in a 55. That would scare me.

    Am on mileage now and do not subscribe to either philosophy. Always do pre/post-trip and drive within limits. It just ain't worth a ticket or a crash.
  13. upsyo

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    he has to report it within 30 days because he has a cdl correct? what if he was driving a package car?
  14. upsyo

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ anyone?
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    Isn't "Cartage" ex-Menlo - ex-Emery Worldwide - ex Puralator - ex Consolidated????
  17. feederdriver06

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    Tell the boss. Pay the ticket. Punch in and go to work. Not a big deal. nnnnext.
  18. anonymous6

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    15 mph over is a reckless in california and that is a HUGE ticket. if i were him I would go to court and beg for mercy. tell him to get a readout of his IVIS report for that day if even it shows him going only 14 mph over the speed limit.

    it could save his license.
  19. anonymous6

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    also, in California you can fight a ticket via written submission and it is well worth it . If you have evidence contrary to the ticket , the officer will not contest it in most cases and the ticket will be dimissed.
  20. fxdwg

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    OMG, you did not just say that!!!!