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    Is it true we are outsourcing and closing call centres similar to what was done in the USA?

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    It would seem like the trend lately. UPS would like to drive the customer to the web and consolidate call centers if possible. Getting an actual person to speak to at a call center will be as rare as a phone with a rotary dial.
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    Better than that... UK are pioneering the latest surcharge of call in pick up charge of £5, online £3 if its same day. Next day is still free for online. This is paid by the person that calls in... No matter who's account. That will cut down the call centre bills.

    Personally I think its genius. In England many couriers are already more expensive than UPS for one offs... My time can be better spent getting the bigger business. I have friends who drive and I have spent ages trying to find addresses that just aren't where they should be.
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    Possibly related, but the main UK helpdesk number has now relocated to the USA. Had a nice chat to a guy in Las Vegas when trying to fix our GSSI after the mandatory upgrade.

    The USA does have its disadvantages however, they certainly do not know the rules for a VOG (Value of Goods) shipment, as a local customer found out to their cost.
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    I'm still not sure how they managed to get through to them, we always get Nottingham or Dublin.
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    Well lets think about this, UPS outsourcing Callcenters and UPS chosing to use more and more OSP´s instead of their own drivers..... Makes you wonder if somebody has forgotten what it was our company was based and founded on.

    I always heard that it was the people who made UPS what it is today.
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    You are obviously going by the old rules. Go ahead and throw away those UPS culture books with their foolish quotes. ;)

    In the USA there was a major consolidation of the call centers. There is also a large outsourced center in Tampa, FL. I believe the one on North carolina is as well. UPS has also outsourced at least one call center in India (I assume for the India market? )
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    I know... it just confuses me, the call center´s i can see why, but the drivers I dont get, in Europe the unions are not anywhere near as strong as the Teamsters are in the states, so why use OSP´s?.

    If you are going to pay an German OSP company to do the driving he is going to hire drivers to do the work, and we must asume that he makes an profit from the deal with UPS.

    Is the cost of payroll and HR really that high?. I mean there must be service improvements if you have your own drivers, not to mention increased control over route planning.

    Again I always thought that it was the dedication and hard work of the people in brown that made our company the best, and not just the abbility to save an buck.....
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    Trust me, the call centre has not relocated to the USA. Very rarely overspill of calls might get rerouted but that's about it. They are still in Nottingham, still enjoying life. We do have the odd American working for us but thats the "norm" or company of our size...
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    Jerry Lewis?
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    No - ME!!!:happy2:
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    I work at the Tampa, FL call center. We handle a huge amount of calls and departments, from tracking, to "universal" (tracking and shipping, like rate quotes and pickups), then you can go international, which has the standard 24/7 international department (one of them), and above that is where the United States CRG (customer resolution group, we handle everything from strategic/preferred accounts to helping account execs). Other than international, there is billing, domestic strategic (which is similar to my CRG department), CSTA (90% of their calls, if not more, are to start tracers), then there is the backoffice group who handle e-mails and call backs and such, I won't go into all those details. So I certainly hope they don't close us down. There's a lot of people that would be in trouble. We are hiring like crazy, so I feel pretty safe right now.