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    New driver that can't remember the protocol on call tags. Haven't really experienced it in my training...Going to be by myself starting tomorrow.
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    Treat like a package. 3 attempts. Either not ready, not in, or cancelled.
  3. uber

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    Thanks. But, more specifically what do you do with it in the diad? Is it under special account?
  4. Brownslave688

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    Nope once u scan it may ask shipper or receiver but you scan and treat it just like its a package.
  5. BrownArmy

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    Yes, it's a 'package'.

    Scan the bar-code, just like it's a regular package.

    If you're lucky, it's at a residence, and the newly-taped up package is on the porch (with a fluorescent post-it-note saying UPS PICKUP) and you don't have to talk to anyone.

    If so, put the call tag on the package, leave the bottom portion on the consignee's door/mailbox/storm window (it's their receipt/tracking #), and stop-complete the need for sig, DR, etc...if you get the return pkg successfully, just stop-complete.

    If you're not lucky, you'll need to ring the doorbell. If they're not home, leave an info-notice, circle we-tried-to-'pickup', leave appropriate info, sheet as NI-1, fill in the back of the call-tag, on your merry way.

    If you meet the consignee, but they're not ready for you to pickup their package (the iterations here are endless), sheet as NR-1 (not ready, first attempt...this is how the other cover drivers I follow up on 'smoke' these pickups, especially if it's an oversize pkg...annoying... please do the right thing...).

    In any case, treat the call-tag as a package, and if you can't complete the call-tag, please return it to the appropriate place in your office, so that the office staff can deal with it appropriately.

    They likely won't, but at least you tried.
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    My advice to you is find a old timer who is by the book and befriend him or her. I always seek out the ne drivers introduce myself and give them my number. I ask what there number is and I call it. I say here is my number. I'm locki g your number into my phone. If you hav any questions call me I'm on my Bluetooth call me whenever you have any questions I'm here for you I'm your steward.
  7. Brownslave688

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    can we clone you and put one of you in every center?
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    No doubt, the stewards in my center are the opposite of 407.

    It's too bad, really.
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    i care to a fault. I eat a lot of schittt but I did this because old timers took me under their wings from the start. By god Grace ill make it and live to tell about it till I'm 87.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This applies to the RS3. If the tag is RS1 and the package is not ready or the consignee is not in you leave the tag and the consignee must then get the package to us.
  11. menotyou

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    Until they call, and the center manager says make another attempt.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I was on vacation and the cover driver attempted a RS1. Scanned tag, no one home, left tag. A few days after I got back I received an ODS asking me to call the center. Turns out the customer called in a concern and they wanted me to go back and pick up the package. When I got there I saw it was a RS1 and called the OMS to let her know that the concern was not valid and that our driver did the right thing.

    In case you haven't heard yet JT is no longer our DM. He and MS swapped divisions. It is on upsers under People on the Move.
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    I thought this was the damage call tag thread. Never mind.
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    When you put the tag on the box, use the tag to cover the old label. When you deliver empty Dish boxes, if you talk to the consignee, explain to them that there is a tag in the box, use it to cover the label used to ship the box to them (point to the old label) and tell them where they can drop the box for pick up. If the drop is halfway convenient for them, you might save yourself a call tag in 3 weeks.