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    When will things just be "normal" this happens all the time, but fix it from within don't go hunting for money you didn't earn, people like that should be smacked...JMO

    Workers claim racism at Memphis UPS facility

    Updated: Nov 23, 2007 08:46 PM CST

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    Workers at a UPS facility in Memphis say they are victims of racism in the workplace, and they're taking their fight to court.
    Herman Lewis has been a dock worker for UPS Freight for the past 13 years.
    Lewis claims blacks often get passed over for promotions and are disciplined more harshly than white employees.
    "Things that we have concerning race...they have had a dull ear of hearing those things and so we have to take it to another level," Lewis said in an interview Friday.
    Lewis and three of his coworkers filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company on October 13th. Since then, according to Lewis, he's been a victim of racial retaliation.
    "Recently there was a noose found in my workstation," he said.
    The rope Lewis said was left on the trailer door at his station. Lewis said door handles in the other 192 work stations are made of black canvas straps.
    When asked for comment, UPS Spokesperson Norman Black said, "We took the report very very seriously. Both inside and outside investigators were brought in to address the claim. While the investigation is ongoing, preliminary results showed that it was not a noose. "

    Lewis is not happy with the company's response.
    "It can't silence me, because the right thing for me and anybody else to do is to speak out against any unequal treatment," he said.
    Lewis the three other plaintiffs on the lawsuit go to trial January 28th.
    Regarding the lawsuit UPS says, "This is something that the company has resolved to litigate. We believe that the allegations are without merit and we are going to pursue a full vigorous defense because we do not believe they have any basis in fact."

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    I think I have seen that trailer with the so called noose on it. The strap was missing so someone tied a rope on it to be able to pull the door down. I would be willing to bet that more than one trailer out of 192 was missing the black strap.
  3. rod

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    Get a life Mr. Herman Lewis. O.J. and Johnny Cochran wore out the "race card" years ago.
  4. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    O.J also had a glove issue...........
  5. I feel your pain.
    You mite add anti-semitism to your list of UPS discrimating offenses. You just look around and you will see what I mean. One HR rep told me that she would never hire an orthodox Jew, point blank, since they will not work on Saturdays(although, she said, it was OK to hir 7th-day Adventists) and if I said anything about I would be fired. But I must be lie-ing abut all this ince all managers have passed their anti-discrination course (what a joke) and would never act in racist or antismetic wy.
    I hope you kick but.
  6. mikeb

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    I really believe that some black people enjoy being a "victim". It gives them a cause, something to fight for; perhaps nostalgic for the civil rights battles of tke 60's. In many cases, because overt racism is not as prevalent today, racism has to be invented. I hope UPS wins this case and this jerk is fired.
  7. dillweed

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    I don't go for the race game either but..

    It hasn't been too many generations ago that blacks were owned and often mistreated. I'm 50 and can remember, as a child, seeing two drinking fountains at a service station in GA on our way to Florida. Asked my Dad why there were two and he said one was for blacks.

    I hope that several more generations will ease the pain for all.
  8. Channahon

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    I wonder if this lawsuit was initiated when UPS Freight was Overnite, or if this just happened when UPS bought Overnite and rebranded.

    Another case of UPS has deep pockets, let's sue and see what we can get for nothing. JMO
  9. over9five

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    With todays "Equal" Oppurtunity, the only one with the right to complain about racial equality is the white male.
  10. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Retired Senior Member

    Isn't America & UPS a great place to live and work. No wonder some people have bad attitudes!
  11. athena

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    Yeah, right. White men are twice as likely to get management jobs as EQUALLY QUALIFIED black men, and three times as likely as black women.

    Additionally, women are usually in jobs that are considered "female" jobs and even when they do hold "male" jobs they usually are paid less for the same work a man does. Only 16% of officers in Fortune 500 companies and 5% of top earners are women.

    Poor white man. Whatever will he do.

    Well, lets hope black people enjoy being "victims" because it looks like they will be subjected to unfair hiring and promotion practices for a while longer. Not to mention the unfair treatment received outside of hiring/promotion practices and even mistreatment outside the work environment. There is no need to be nostagic for the '60s or to invent racism. You do understand what racism is, right? If you honestly think there is no more racism, I think you either a) live a very sheltered life or b) don't really know what you are talking about.

    I am a little surprised you would even put this out there. I do not know if there is a case here or not (which I am guessing unless you actually know the individuals involved you don't either). Have you read the posts on this subject. Why would you willingly open blacks up for more punishment and unfair judgement? I agree, if the case is bogus, the individuals involved should be called on it. However, as you can clearly see from the responses, all blacks (as well as minorities and women) will be seen as trying to get "money they didn't earn".

    Finally, "fixing from within" sometimes is not an option. First, you don't know if anything has been done from "within" to try to fix it. Second, some environments are especially hostile and management is not concerned. Sometimes going outside the environment is the only fix. Just a FYI, nooses in the workplace are a way to intimidate and mock black individuals and companies are getting in trouble for it b/c they wouldn't do anything to stop it.
  12. mikeb

    mikeb tnbrown

  13. mikeb

    mikeb tnbrown

    I didnt say there was no more racism. I said that it was not as prevalent. The reason that white men are 3 times as likely to get a mgmt job over blacks is because the pool of white applicants is 3 times higher. if you have 100 positions to fill and 300 whites and 100 blacks apply, guess what? More than likely whites will be hired at roughly a 3 to 1 ratio. Again, stop trying to invent racism where there is none.
  14. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Well, lets hope black people enjoy being "victims" because it looks like they will be subjected to unfair hiring and promotion practices for a while longer. Not to mention the unfair treatment received outside of hiring/promotion practices and even mistreatment outside the work environment. There is no need to be nostagic for the '60s or to invent racism. You do understand what racism is, right? If you honestly think there is no more racism, I think you either a) live a very sheltered life or b) don't really know what you are talking about.

    Racism certainly exists. Over sensitive racism also exists. The best thing that can happen to quell racism is a complete melting of different backgrounds and ethnicities. The diverse society. The problem though when you bring a white person and a black person together in any type of business or social setting is there is a tension there with the white who is not guilty of any biases. You now have to be on pins and needles afraid you might say the wrong word or make a joke considered inappropriate and thus be accused of racist behavior. It strains normal interaction between the races and it is the other side of the racist behavior you speak of here. Among the whites we often joke about our backgrounds irish, italian, german whatever. God help us if we joke with a black person about anything. We may have someone go running to the EEOC screaming racism.
  15. athena

    athena Member

    First, you are right you didn't say there was no racism. However, to insinuate that racism is not as prevalent today means that individuals must resort to inventing racism is a bit ridiculous.

    Second, I am not inventing racism. I am not sure where you get the whole 100 vs 300 but I will use it. You do realize that even if there are 300 whites vs. 100 black applicants, this does not mean you can select 3 times as many whites. In fact, it is against the law. So, for example, you have 100 positions you can not select approx 75 white applicants and 25 black applicants based on the fact that you have 3 times as many white applicants. That is not 4/5ths (or 80%) which is what the proportion that is set by the US government. That is, you have adverse impact if there are fewer minority group members than 80% of the majority group. Here you would need approximately 45 black individuals selected and 55 white individuals to not have adverse impact.

    If a company does have this disparity (less than 4/5th of the majority) in the job then you have what is known as adverse impact (selection of a protected class of individuals at a substantially lower rate than the majority group). If the company can not prove that the selection procedures are job related for the position in question, consistent with business necessity, and that there is not an equally valid selection procedure that has less adverse impact, then the company is considered to have discriminatory practices and will be held responsible.

    Oh, FYI, I didn't "invent" this racism description. The US government did.

    Considering that there are still legal cases of this nature in court and the minority groups are winning, I'd say there is still plenty of racism going around. This does not even include behavior such as leaving a noose in an individual's work area.
  16. athena

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    It is funny that you say among the whites. Did you stop to think that anyone perceived as "White" will probably encounter little racism and therefore would not be too sensitive about the subject. Additionally, do you honestly believe the jokes you share are not pretty innocent and unlikely to stigmatize an individual. Compare all Italian descendents to the Mafia, jokingly. Call ever German descendent Hitler (just as a joke, of course). As for the Irish, make fun of them for the way they fought like little children with the English and how they are just a bunch of good for nothing drunks and see how well they receive those words.
  17. moreluck

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    This thread could become explosive. I hope that doesn't happen. I would like to see it just die away for now.

    It's like discussing religion or politics.....nobody gets anywhere.
  18. tieguy

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    I have quite often and we have had many good laughs over the years. i think you're really going off the deep end with this one.

    Truth be told much of the devicisiveness with race is cause by black leaders trying to maintain their power base and do gooder white liberals who think god has appointed them to speak for those of color. The attitude of despair they sell oppresses the minority far beyond what the white man will ever be able to do. The true racist in todays society is the jesse jackson or any number of white liberals.
  19. athena

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    I agree that this could become explosive. However, it has come up on these boards more than once. I find it hard to seat back and just watch others have certain attitudes that could lead to overt or covert racism and discrimination or at the very least apathy toward the whole situation. While I doubt I will be changing the minds of those I am debating, my hope is that someone will read this who is unsure about racism and discrimination and will learn from it.
  20. athena

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    Wow, I never thought anyone would be okay with being called Hitler. But hey, if they are okay with it then I guess that is okay as long as no one hears you making such remarks who would never be okay with it.

    I am not going to defend every person out there who is making speeches about racism. I never said that there weren't individuals out there that didn't take it too far. However, I get the impression that you would just rather we all ignore it. Some have been trying to do that for decades. It doesn't work and it is unethical. Try to imagine a world where whites are the ones being discriminated against and then tell me that your tune wouldn't change just a bit.

    Did you ever think that the "do gooder white liberal" might just be someone who sees the world as it is and doesn't like what they see so they work to change it for what they hope is a better tomorrow? Do you have to be black to have a problem with racism and discrimination?