Called ":censored:" by supervisor!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bepo, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I accdiently misloaded 1 package when sorting into the truck. I caught my mistake, but I had to dig the package out to find it. My immediate supervsior yelled at me in front of everyone "You can't make mistakes like that! YOU ARE HOLDING ME UP!" He then got on his radio and said "Mike(me) is being a :censored2:". Everyone on a radio and around a radio heard this!

    I complained to the both of his superiors and said I didn't apreciate being called a :censored2: In the sitdown, they made him give a backhanded apology where at the end he said he believes I misorted on purpose. I told everyone I felt threatened by him and that I would like a different immediate supervsor.

    The next day I was informed that from now on I would only be working with the supervisor that called me a :censored2: because he wants to make me more part of his crew.

    My question is what can I do to get this guy to back off? I do not want him as my immediate supervisor. Out of the 18 years of load and unloading I have never been written up for misorting.

    I know a grevance is just going to document this, but should I call that 1-800 help line, talk to HR also? I want to get my message across at all different levels.
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    Ask Tieguy, he seems to be good at name calling. For all I know he could be your sup (the sounds of it).
  3. hypocrisy

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    File a grievance. File a complaint with the UPS Helpline which will forward it to your local HR. Also, file a complaint with the EEOC for sexual harassment.
    Get written statements from every witness you can, and compile a list of everyone with a radio who heard that remark that day.
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    Bepo you want this guy off your back file harrassment grievance and get your shop steward to arrange a meeting with his manager and the labor manager.If the labor manager does nothing about inform him that you will be calling the 800#.
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    Here is my suggestion--when you go to work Monday tell your supervisor that you would like to talk to him for a minute after your shift is over and things have quieted down. Take this opportunity to express your concerns in an informal manner. Let him know that you felt that his comment was unwarranted and relaying that comment over the radio was unprofessional. Tell him of your 18 years of misload free sorting. I would hope that he would take this opportunity to apologize for the comment although I wouldn't count on it.

    If this informal meeting does not do the trick then by all means start the paper trail.

    Personally, I think you may be making a mountain of a molehill, but I was not there and do not know the particulars of the situation or the context in which the comment was made. I do know that creating the paper trail could put a target on your back.
  6. klein

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    Nope, I agree with Crowbar here, 100%.
    Get witnesses, file.
    He will be off your back forever, and probably all others, too.

    He has no management skill, he should be removed.
    Esspecially treaten someone with 18 years of seniority like that...... maybe an 18yr old kid....(but even that is inappropiate).
    Go for it, do as Crowbar says !
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    All answers are extreme. On one hand, call the police, press charges, etc. The other, a polite sit-down over tea and crumpets.

    Sorry, neither are going to work. Just move on with your life. This is UPS, name calling is allowed as long as it's not sexual harrassment or racist. FIle grievances against him/ her every package touched. Look at them like they have 4 eyes. Treat them like the :censored2:. Words are cheap.
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    Reach down and grab a set if you have any and then move on. He said your being a :censored2: not are a :censored2:. If your offend by that I think you need to go work somewhere else. What is hard to believe is that never before in your 18 years of working at UPS has anyone called you names worse than that.

    It would be one thing is the guy calling you names everyday in front of other people that would be one thing. However it seems you have an AX to gring with this SUP that is probably going to put a big bulleyes on you. You do get to pick and choose who you SUP is this isn't BK you don't get it your way. You don't have to like your SUP you just have to work as directed.
  9. cachsux

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    Be quiet, :censored2:. (Klein)

    Bepo, I would recommend following UpState`s advice. Talk, tell him that it was inappropriate in a public setting, and go from there. Look at it this way. He lost his temper and called you a name,a mild one at that. If he was a real jerk he would have started paperwork on you.
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    During the meeting he specificly said that he was angry at me because of my senority he holds me at a higher standard than the other part timers. I really feel like that is just more harassment, all part time employees should be treated equal. Its just a big mess now, I have been instructed "to only work under his work area". I really feel like I am being targeted because I spoke up for what he said to me.

    I have filed only 3 grievances(all pay related) in the 18+ years I have worked at ups, I usually try to brush stuff off like this. I'd like to think I can work with anyone. Its just the manner he said it in(like he wanted to fight me), and than after that he felt the need to broadcast it to everyone on the shift to embarass me. I stupidly went to both his superiors thinking they would actually talk to him but instead they give me to him so he can get his kicks off telling me what to do.

    Arghh, I feel so screwed.
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  11. cachsux

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    Trust me. You are far from screwed. Maybe he holds you to a higher standard because he feels you are a better worker? As long as it`s not a disciplinary issue for you I`d let the water go under the bridge. If I had a dollar for every name I`d been called,and called someone, at UPS I`d be rich.
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    Well...let's hear some of those names mister rich guy.
  13. eli1mxm

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    Your the one who needs to reach down and grab a pair,If you let these sups walk all over you your just going to be there punching bag.You need to approach him or her and nip it before they get out of control.
  14. UPSGUY72

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    The problem is that people like you need the pull the stick out of there A-- and not take everything that people say to so personal all the time. You might even find it more enjoyable to go to work. When I worked preload there is a SUP that would call you different names or phrases however you could say the same thing to him and he wouldn't care as long as you did your job. When he hires people the first thing he told them is that if you have virgin ears then this isn't the place to work.

    I understand that there are building where management and the union don't get along and everything is taken personally however that is not the case in the area that I'm in.
  15. eli1mxm

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    If you let people talk to you like that,then thats your problem don't tell others that it's ok to be treated like dirt you have to stop the trend before it starts
  16. hypocrisy

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    That's the difference. I have worked for a Manager where you could go in the office and it was basically F U! No F U! back and forth and then everyone went back to work and there wasn't anything written in the record. I actually enjoy working for that kind of Manager, and I have a lot more respect for them. This didn't sound like that type of environment.
  17. JonFrum

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    Humilitating you one-on-one is bad enough, but broadcasting it on the radio is many times worse. Everyone with a radio hears it, and everyone near a radio as well. You have no access to the radio so your side of the argument goes untold. You don't even know exactly who heard it, and who believed it. Very unfair.

    If your Supervisor thinks calling you a :censored2: is cool, he probably got it from watching Bevis and Butthead. I think you should refer to him as Butthead from now on. Maybe the name will catch on with everyone.
  18. 22.34life

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    you have worked here how long?18 years and this is the first time this has happened,hard to believe.look in my opinion if they talk a certain way to me its all good as long as its a two way street,now if its not a two way street then we have a problem.people take things two much to heart i get yelled at and sometimes cussed at and i yell and cuss at people, hourly and sups.i despise political correctness,lets just say what we want to each other as long as its a two way street and within reason.
  19. dillweed

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    bepo, relax a bit here. I agree that what he did was stupid and it would be a good idea to let him know, privatly and after the rush, that you felt "disrespected" with what he said. If he responds like an ass, then go to higher up and let them know what happened. Ask them to see that it doesn't happen again. Write down the date and what was said. If it happens again, then go to the union with your details and ask them to speak to the higher up to make sure you're not harassed again.

    Misloads are the flavor of this time period at UPS. Our preloaders are being threatened daily for simple mistakes. Yes, it affects the drivers and costs the company a bit but we are only human and can only do "the best we can". Your pt sup is being crapped on by his bosses and the only thing he's been trained to do is to crap on the loaders. Unfortunately, UPS doesn't seem to want to help anyone to be better, we are all just trained monkeys to them. It's a constant battle to keep our own sense of pride and work ethic in such an environment.

    He called you a :censored2: and that's the best he knows. Maybe in his (limited) eyes you were a :censored2: but that doesn't mean you ARE one. I have 17 years in and have been called many names and accused of many incredible things, including making mistakes on purpose. It's tiring and makes you feel bad for a bit but blow it off for what it is. Don't let them get under your skin, don't speak badly about this sup or lower yourself to his standards. Best of luck and keep hanging in there. We're well on our way to our 25 years so it's time to hunker down and be stronger than them. Best of luck and keep your mind on what you do right rather than your mistakes.
  20. 705red

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    bepo, I disagree with Upstate on this because to get respect like in a sit down first the sup should show respect. I would file a grievance with your steward and also call the 800 number and explain that you are not happy with the outcome of the meeting you had with his supervisor over this.

    Profanity happens in this line of work, but to broadcast it over the radio that is insulting especially to an 18 year veteran employee! IMO