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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by iunnoimjustaFT, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Do I have to go back in if they told me I'm good to leave and gave me the day off, also didn't schedule me to run. They calling saying they need me back I'm already home and have a family issue to go take care of.
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    Your first mistake was answering the phone. Are you in the Union? If so just call and say you won't be coming in due to personal reasons.
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    Yea your first mistake was answering the phone. I have the center phone number programmed for not my phone as do not answer.
  4. lol nothing became of it. Main reason I didn't want to go back was helping my aunt make it to a dr appointment. That and they would start doing it over and over to me. Not letting me use senority to bump onto routes I know and just call me in to run :censored2: I don't know. I still want to help them only reason I answered phone was to let them know I couldn't and to find someone else.
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    Sounds like good reason to me. Family comes first and not being taken advantage of. I think you'll go far at United Parcel sir.