Camping in the Canadian Rockies in a tent-cabin, anyone ?

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    Jasper National Park is doing a trial, on these new estabishished tent-cabins:


    Welcome to Jasper National Parks newest camping experience

    [​IMG] Cottage tent, Jasper National Park
    © Parks Canada
    If your family has never camped or tented before and want to check it out, without having to buy all the equipment and do set up – this might be for you...
    ….or if you just don’t want the hassle of setting up camp – this might be for you.

    Spacious walled cottage tents with basic furnishings and cooking supplies are available May 2010 for reserving in Whistlers campground in Jasper National Park.
    more info here : (located bottom half of page):

    I live 3.5 hrs drive away from there.
    Anyone wanting to see nature at it's best, may wanna take this cheap route, and would be welcomed in my house, and possibilty of sharing such a cabin.

    To get you going, I have 2 youtube vids... 1 from Parks Canada, the other somewhat longer, from a private person, who did a hell of a good job, video taping his experience.



    PS: I would have posted this in DS's latest Canada thread, but he deleted it... grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
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    Gee,I didn`t know they were filming a sequel to Deliverance.
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    Squeal like a pig, Eh!
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    I deleted something I posted? I don't remember doing that.
    Klein,when I was about 20 my sister was the manager of Tekarra lodge in Jasper.
    I lived there for about a year.I was the laundry person/bear chaser until I got a job as a bellhop at the Astoria.
    The population goes from 1200 in the winter to 12,000 in the summer.Its beautiful there .It would be nice to see it again but not this year.