Can a full time driver go back to part time?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by NickT916, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. NickT916

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    im a feeder driver, however i have been debating about going back to my part time job at the airport, is this doable? the few people that i ave asked they said it might be done but they were not sure. also if i do go back to part time, to i keep my full time seniority that i have build up, for example i have 3 years full time, do i always keep that 3 years?

    im trying to have a business of my own, while still working at UPS as part time at least
  2. SnowCitizen

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    Stay in feeders!

    To answer your question, it has been asked before and the concensus is that in most locations it is not possible. You should probably check with your local.
  3. User Name

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    no, u will have to start over. good luck
  4. trplnkl

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    From what I understand they don't allow a full timer to go part time again.
  5. pickup

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    its like a butterfly wanting to become a caterpillar again
  6. some1else

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    the only person ive seen do it had to "quit" then get "rehired" he left ft on fri. and started back pt on mon. but lost all senority and benies. this is a guy they like so its kinda best case...
  7. FedEX 4 Life

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    Damn that sucks.You have to quit to become part time?
  8. UPSGUY72

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    Well your really not quiting your just giving up all your gained senority. That so guys will alot of senority don't go back to working part time at a high rate of pay. I love to have 30 yrs of service and go back to working part time at $30 hr. Have 6 weeks of a year, full benny's, 401k and pension. You work 20 hrs a week make $600 and could have a side job or just play golf.
  9. hellfire

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    the union can try if its for health reasons
  10. feedertrainer

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    If you were sent back to your previous job classification from Feeder due to lack of feeder work, it may be possible to remain in the 'previous' classification. Contact your Local.
  11. NickT916

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    i worked at an airport UPS, i loved it there, my dream was to become a package driver, so i became a package driver, but the treatment there was far different from what i pictured it. I stayed in package for about 1.5 years, then figured ill go to feeder driving once i get a chance, bump up my pay, do nothing and even tho i might have to work nights, days, on call, im down for that... however, after 2 years of that, it came down to me not having any feeder work for 2-3 months at a time

    in about a year im able to move up 2 spots or so, and some package guys come in and stay bellow me, "dog year" once april comes around, they go above me and i get bumped 2-3 spots. Im the last guy on the list, so i hardly get any feeder work, and if i get something its the worst of the worst, at the last minute.

    Before we used to have this thing where you can automatically lock yourself into feeder for a week, for instance if you dont qualify for package 8am start the next day because the way you started monday, then you locked in for a week in feeders.. well 1-2 drivers complained about that, thinking they would get money out of it, and after years and year of UPS allowing the lock in for drivers, they banned it for everyone, so now nobody can ever be locked in, every is now suffering due to that driver, it sucks for everyone and those who complained.

    i get a call in the morning everyday to go back to packages, i say no ill wait for feeder work, since i can get anything at any time 24/7 pretty much.

    Im getting married in a month, i was to do things, go places, work on cars as a side job, i would love to go back to my part time job at the airport, i would probably go to $17/h pay if they allow me to go back, but its not for health reasons, its for mental reasons and stress.

    if i really do not have a choice at all, i might have to get rehired, but this means im loosing all the seniority? all the pay? have to pay union fees again? how guranteed am i to get hired again?
  12. rod

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    Now I've heard everything---------A feeder driver that wants even less work:happy2:
  13. Jones

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    Is that even physically possible?
  14. bubsdad

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    Sounds like things are ALOT different where you are than they are here. If you are on the "extra" board here you have the option of working in the hub for the week. But, you have to commit to the hub for the whole week. No back and forth, hub/feeders. And since you are a full time employee you will be paid at 22.3 rate. It is up to the individual to look at the board and evaluate their options. When layoffs first came into play here, the company tried saying that if we only worked 1 sort we would be dropped to part time pay and benefits. We grieved that and won it. If we choose to work 1 sort or 2, we still get paid the 22.3 rate. Don't know if any of this applies to your local but just giving you some additional info.
  15. Covemastah

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  16. feederdriver06

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    about 99% of time it would not be possible but there still is a 1% longshot of doing this and keeping your seniority. About 12 years ago a part time sup in my building was promoted to full time driver. She got prego and wanted to go back to part time management. They let her. At the same time we had a full time driver in my center that wanted to go back to part time preload. As a concession to the union for the flip-flop management did for the girl who went back into management from being a driver they allowed him to go back to preload and he went right back to his spot on the seniority list and kept his payscale as to where he would have been on the preload as if he never left the preload. This was a unique situation, may have never happened before and may not ever happen again, but you never know.

    I would suggest if you cant make it happen just stay in feeders. With our 24 hour operation hopefully you could get on a schedule that will work with your business.
  17. NickT916

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    im just sick of getting bumped down every year, im sick of not getting a call for a week and then friday night at 9pm you get a call saying to come in because im the last available guy, yet i call in the morning and they say there is no jobs and there is 10 people ahead of you, and they wont let me RTO ... it makes me sick yes, if it was a stable job, working every day, getting 10 hours off and waiting for the call... sure i can put up with that, thats how it was before.

    i would love to part time and do my business, if anything ill quit and rehire if thats what it takes i guess?
  18. Dustyroads

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    I guess you could get a DUI and that would land you back in part time. However, I don't think you will be able to just select your old airport job.
  19. Mike23

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    There was a driver at our hub that did this. However he wanted to go full time driver to part time driver because his gf asked him to so she could be a sugar mama (some guys have all the luck). Anyways, he talked to Kieth (either prez or vice prez of Canada, can't remember which) and was told he had to quit then reapply. Of course he talked to HR and was able to walk into the part timers job without much of a hitch since it was all sorted out when he 'reapplied'.
  20. bubsdad

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    Why'd ya answer your phone? If I'm on call and haven't been called by Thursday, I don't answer brown calls. All it does is screw up unemployment. I could take issue with your statement about going into feeders and doing no work and making more money but I won't. That isn't an argument for this thread.