Can a local agreement over-ride the national?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JohnnyPraze, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Reason I ask is the majority of officers I've talked to, including our steward, said the $.35 in February is not guaranteed. (Not only that, but our chances of getting it each year is slim, making our raise approximately $2.00 over five ears instead of $4.00.

    I read over the national contract and didn't see any wording that would lead me to believe this is true. However, I haven't seen our local contract. (Could it be in our local agreement?)

    What we are being told, is that there is a clause that states if health care cost goes up, that $.35 will go to the cost of health care and not in our paychecks...
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    "IF" health care costs go up?
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    well thats kind of something dumb to ponder of course health care costs are going to rise....i havent heard anything about language that reads like that.....doesnt mean it doesnt exist tho
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    apparently local agreements can override national as the local here made an "agreement" to make combination employees work one four hour day and four nine hour days! it has been like this for a few years now. they would have never asked a feeder driver to work that. the contract has language for five eights or four tens.
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    It's like this every year, and will continue that way. The raises are never garaunteed and the language remained the same. The last time a raise was withheld for h/w was before I started with UPS and that was 2001. A couple stewards and I were talking about this a few months ago.
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    I thought we had a binding contract that gave hourly employees a raise every August and February?

    The company can't unilateraly stop raises. This is my understanding at least.:peaceful:
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    with nineteen years i have never had a raise withheld......i don't believe ups has ever done that.
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    It's not being withheld, it's still being paid by UPS. Only instead of going to you, it will go to your union held health and benefit plan.
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    Some areas...such as mine (Western Region, JC#37) have full M.O.B. (Maintainence of Benefits) language which requires the company to pick up any increases in the cost of medical over the life of the contract. Those areas with MOB will get the full raise. Those without MOB will have any increases in medical deducted from their raises. Their base rate of pay over the life of the contract will be the same, but the actual cash going in their pocket will be less. This is yet another example of employees who dont read or understand the language of the agreement they are voting for, and who instead fixate solely upon the amount of the pay increase...which in my opinion is about the LEAST important part of the contract.
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    To answer another part of the question, the local and the national can make an agreement which conflicts with the national language. For instance, the contract requires all warning/suspension letters to be issued to the employee via certified mail. It also requires grievances to be issued to the company in the same manner. My local has an agreement with the company that both warning letters and grievances can be faxed or handed to the involved party personally, an agreement which saves both the local and the company about $500 a year in postage fees. The certified letter is only used if the employee is absent or on vacation and the company wants to make sure that the letter is issued in a timely manner.
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    The Master Agreement allows the "re-allocation" of 35-cents each year without a vote of the members, and the "re-allocation" of additional money, with a membership vote.
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    The official Teamster website was overhauled recently and given a new look. I just realized that links to specific pages of the old site don't work anymore so the link I provided above to the Contracts & Supplements page is a dead end.

    For the UPS Master Contract & Regional Supplements try this link instead . . .

    And, of course, you can also click on the two "NMA" (National Master Agreement) links at the left of Browncafe's webpage under "Teamster News."
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    I worded that poorly. The raises can be re-allocated. It did happen once here in NE anyway, at least according to one of the stewards I talked with.