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    My husband was let go of his job 12/8/10. His terminal manager took him out of the payroll system, however, when potential employers do checks it comes up he is still employed by UPS. He called the terminal manager and said she has him out of her payroll and cant do anything else, and doesnt have a number to corporate. According to UPS jobs he went to apply for a different postion and he still is employed on there as well. My question, does anyone know the number to talk to a live person so that we can get him out of the system 100%? We have 2 small children and 1 is severly disabled, he needs a job asap. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It sounds like there is some sorta repository for employers the check on potential employees. Maybe there is and they haven't gotten the info yet?
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    I think we all need a little more info. What was his position? Full time,Part time? Why was he let go early?
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    Hubby was a (probationary) city driver for UPS Freight. From her previous thread, dispatcher sent him to a pickup with a 53' van (too big to get in there), and under threat of termination, he went. Got stuck in mud. Charged with accident.
    Probably something needs to be taken care of in some HR department. I seem to remember hearing the term 'cleared'. If you ever found out what Local union it was, maybe the steward or business agent can drag a phone number out of the TM. (did they refund his dues?)
    Good luck and God Bless.
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    Why would having that info make any difference?

    If the discharged diver filled a grievance he wouldn't be removed from the employee roster until the matter is settled. He may be removed from the terminal's roster as an active employee but still be listed as a UPS employee.
  6. menotyou

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    Has he filed a grievance? It doesn't sound like he's discharged. He is free to work anywhere while he is grieving this. One number you could try is 1-518-793-5005. Just ask for human resources.
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    Yes the refunded his dues the very next week. But the Manager is a mean cow, she said she took him off of her payroll but he still comes up as employed. Hell today we got another magazine from We called the 800# and it said any HR issues contact terminal manager. However, she says its not her problem and she has no #s to give him.
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    Called that number and was told its the operations office not human resources
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    I guess 1 call to the laborboard wouldn't hurt.
    They will probably get the ball rolling, faster then you can.
  10. menotyou

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    I would go to the local Dept of Labor office and tell them your story. You can try the NLRB. They will tell you what the Union should be doing even though they refunded your dues. (1-888-667-6572). 1-518-562-3107 is to Heather, our local human resources contact. She should be able to get you to the correct person in your area. Sorry about the other number.
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    The OP is a former Freight employee out of Pennsylvania. Heather is good but I doubt that she would be able to help in this situation. He needs to go down to the union hall and get them off of their butts to start helping him, either by getting his job back for him or getting him off the books so that he can work elsewhere.